Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sweet Summer.......

Been working out on my porch and in my new flower beds. Wanted to share a few pics of this and that and the other! The bird house is glued to an old shovel. I use the vintage ironing board to pot plants. So much fun in the summer time! cherry


Laurie & Chris said...

We love your photos. The ironing board idea is so cute. Also love the birdhouse on the shovel. Great Idaes thanks for sharing.

Jen @ The Cottage Nest said...

Hey stranger! I love the personality you put into everything. Great ideas!

PAT said...

It's good to see you again!

I enjoyed your photos. Cute ideas!

Back Porch Musings

Allison said...

Your porch is so cute - love everything you have out there. And yes, summer is so fun!


Southern Heart said...

Everything looks beautiful....wonderful and creative ideas. I hope that you're having a great summer! I can certainly empathize on the "juggling" part...sometimes it all can be a bit much, can't it?