Monday, February 26, 2007

Several little this -N- that areas.....

Boy oh boy this really feels like a Monday to me! I can't seem to get going on anything! I have many projects to finish but nary the ambition. Please tell me you all get like that from time to time??? It's just so darn cold here in these neck of the woods. The snow has stopped for now but has left its imprint till it decides to melt. I will leave you with a few little areas around my home. I am off to hopefully get some sewing done & start some dinner~ cherry

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Birds have flown the coop...(birdcage)!

Nope my birdcage does not keep birds....instead it houses vases and flowers! This is an area above the monstrous television. If my dh gets some creature do I! My roosters, birds, & any other doodads I might add. I have been trying to collect the little mother cups (see the egg inside?) I say trying because so far I have only found two. That is the thrill of the hunt though....right? Hope you all have had great weekends! xoxo, cherry

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Little Corner of My World...

It is snowing like crazy outside & I think I may have a bit of cabin fever! They called school off today as well so it is reruns of "Sponge Bob" here at the Nelson Household. No Martha or hgtv for me! I played around a bit with this little area of my armoire. Yesterday I decided to paint my ole Rooster lamp red. I was tired of his original plumage. In looking at everything I realize he is the only thing I bought new. Everything else is either a garage sale or thrift find. The old crochet/knitting needles are a fun touch of I don't crochet or knit...YET. I was attracted to their bright colors and thought it was cool to think of how they were once used in a creative project. They remind me of those bright aluminum cups that many had back in the day. I use to always pick those cups to drink from at my grandparents house. Please humor me if I have written to much!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Next Best Thing......

While Spring has not sprung quite yet (it's snowing here in the Pacific Northwest)...these florals will pacify me for now. I was lucky enough to find 4 of them! I love the colors and the frames are so sweet! I also found the darling hand-drawn portraits of the little girl and boy. On the back they each have a name... Virginia & Richard. Can't you just imagine them posing for these....probley getting "a talking too" for fidgeting! I will post soon of my treasures new homes! Happy Tuesday! Cherry

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Thoughts for a Good Life.......

I found this little gem (book) awhile back at a second hand shop. Copyright is 1959...don't ya just love the colors and design of the front? Sweet phrases & sayings! Perfect inspiration for my chalkboard. I try to change it every couple of days. Great way for my family and I to remember the important things in life! Hope everyone is having a good weekend! cherry

Friday, February 16, 2007

Sorry for adding these separately...still learning!

Here's your sign.......

I love signs! Whether they are truly old OR not! If they are vibrant, fun, & whimsical than they usually come home with me. Here are a few of mine. The "potting shed" in my favorite red is new. I walked into a little store today and it was sitting there ON SALE! Had to have it! It was fate with the sale tag and all! You know those little things you tell never want to go against the fate of the shopping Gods. I hung it tonight above my garage sale hutch that I painted black. It will probley move outside when the weather perks up but for now it adds a nice punch of color.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Adventure into Blog Land & some Whatchamacallits & Whozits....

I have so enjoyed getting to visit you and your homes you have inspired me to start my own little blog. I think my name while short and sweet, aptly fits. My name is Cherry and I am always filled with jubilation when finding a new treasure thrifting. I think my need for old and tattered comes from my sentimentality. Things passed down to me by family I hold near and dear to my heart. I always treasure homemade over anything store bought. Ever since I was a little girl I have felt I was born into the wrong era. I love old movies & old books. I am attracted to history and anything or anyone that has been around long enough to tell a story. My great-grandfather was a story teller and used many catch phrases. He referred to trivial/frivoulous things with words such as whatchmacallits and whozits. Here are a few of my "new" whatchamacallits and whozits. I don't consider them as trivial but treasures. Some old tins, silver, and some little birds that begged to come home with me! They have now made their home perched on my newly painted secretary. Thanks for letting me share! Cherry