Thursday, January 28, 2010

When the moon hits your eyes...

like a bigga piece of pie! that's amore! Hello! Is everybody ready for Valentines Day? I am getting there. I added a few things here and there...and thought I would share. I adore the colors of this little holiday....reds, white, pink...YUM. I think this is a holiday you can be bold in and be as feminine as you like! My house is full of that little detail makes me extra happy. I don't have a lot of LOVE decor....and the only new thing I added this year is this banner I made that I hung across my hutch. I did the word Valentine and added a tag in the middle that says "be mine". There are a few things in the pics that are for sale in my etsy store . If you are in need of a quick Valentine gift for a friend or loved one!
I am lucky to have my husband's grandma's old Valentines...I love the colors and sweet wit to these. I wanted to tell you thank-you for the well wishes...Hunter is back to school and doing much better. I did end up sick..but luckily not as bad as my poor son! I swear by air shield. I don't think I get as sick taking that. Well that is it for me. I hope to get going on my blog more...I need to learn how to be a bit more tech I don't spend so much time uploading etc. I have things I would love to share but don't have the time.....days just speed by! Hugs to you all! xooxoxoxox,, Cherry

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well Hello there! How are you? So sorry to have fallen off the face of the earth....but in my defense...awww forget! What can I say? Life just happens. We have of late had rounds of sickness. My son is Krazzzzeeeeee sick. He has had a horrible fever. Still sick today...seeing a little bit of an improvement but at night it gets worse. We got him the H1n1 shot and the seasonal but certainly would not know it by looking at the poor fellow! Now I am starting to not feel well..but holding on to healthy as much as possible. Time will tell. Anyways..I took a break for a bit from creating. I had wanted to share some house stuff but have not gotten it done. So you are stuck with some Valentine goodies that I have listed in etsy. Would love to have you go take a peek! I hope all is well with everyone! XoXo, Cherry