Monday, February 22, 2010

One holiday, two holiday, and a season mixed in!

Well I thought I would pop in and share a few of the items I have been making on and off the last couple of weeks. We have Easter and St. patties and a little Spring goodness mixed in. I had a few custom orders for St. Patties Day...and once I started I couldn't stop! I love the mix of greens and crisp whites. I would love for you to visit my etsy shop and see if there isn't something you can't live with out! OR just take a peek if you are inclined. I am so glad to hear that many of you still roam around blog land the old fashion way...I really thought I was the last of them. Thanks for the heads up on all of that! Well tomorrow I hope to pop back in to share some goodies from Kelly's delightful come back! Have a wonderful Monday kids! xoox, cherry

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The sunshine is out

I felt like Tink yesterday....had to have myself a good pout! Today the sun came out...That is enough to spark me right up! I woke up this morning for work and it was foggy and dismal...but it burned off. I took some fun photos of things on diplay in our bedroom. I JUST found that little motto framed print...for a 1.00. It says A TRUTH...A TRUTH I'VE LEARNED IN PASSING YEARS, SIGNIFICANT, SUBLIME, THAT ALL LIFES PROBLEMS RIGHT THEMSELVES IF ONLY GIVEN TIME. I need to remember this! How about you? I have been trying like the dickens to learn a little more in this world of computers.....that contributed to the pout yesterday. Would you all please let me know if you use google to post your blogs? When you come here do you do it the old fashion way and click on my blog for a visit OR do you open it in another web browser? I am still an old fashion gal....I click from my blog to visit yours. Seems like there is something impersonal about just perching for a sec but not really visiting...hmmm or am I all wet? Let me know would ya??? Well that is it for me today...have yourself a wonderfu evening. xoxo, cherry

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This is how I feel today

I will come back when I have a smile on my face! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Ever have one of those days? XoXo, cherry

Friday, February 12, 2010

Whiling away the hours

I look out my window....and the clouds are grey and forlorn....sigh. Tempermental weather...reigns supreme here. Might be blue sky promising Spring...for a few glorious hours...and than can't see blue to save your life. Now it's decided to be windy....cold and we stay huddled in playing Super Mario brothers.....and playing with paper here and there. Tonight though.....we get to go try our NEW Olive Garden and hit the theaters for the "wolfman". Can't wait! I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Weekend! Stay close to those you love and give them BIG hugs and kisses! xoxo, Cherry

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sharing some cheerful vintage color @ Kelly's

So did I speak of Spring to hastily? Dear me ...I think that may be the case here in these parts. It is snowing....BOO HOO! WELL...I am back today to share a friends house with you. Remember Kelly? She has a gorgeous card shop ...well she also has a gorgeous house and a eye for the details. Here is her blog addy if you want to see more of her beautiful home. AND I know you do! I wanted to share some pics of her home with you. I love her combination of colors...bright, cheerful, and full of VINTAGE VVVVVVVVAAAAVOOOM! Love the little details she puts into her decorating. I LOVE what looks to be a rhinestone brooch on her hand soap dispenser. Who would have thunk it???? The sweet little soaps displayed on a cake stand. Sighhhhh. I don't know..for ME??? It is all in the details. Had to also share her precious MOLLY....her fur baby! Enjoy...and go leave her some comment love would ya? Bookmark her site for future inspiration. Even if it is snowing here....these type of pics keep the sunshine shining.
True to form...had to leave you with a few things I made last night.. I can't get enough of blues....color of the sky. Enjoy the evening my peeps! HUGS to all! XoXo, Cherry