Thursday, July 31, 2008

Are you tired of black???

If you are... I urge you to run the other way. This is just another "black project"...or two. First off is a lovely little pickled frame that I painted (I think you know what color). Lovingly distressed her, added ribbon, and than decided to add one of my scrapbook metal label thingies. They were hot pink (aghast) and so I painted it too. Put a little rub-on in there that says cherish. I made it so I can change out the words. Not that I ever probley will......but I like options. Than since I was still in a black mood...better than a blue right? I had this extra mirror from when we moved here a few years ago (it didn't fit are guest bath). I thought HEY that would make a great chalkboard. It has this cute little ledge shelf...which I dig. So I went to work using my chalkboard paint and here she is in her finery. I than looked at the eraser and thought...I didn't care for the Rose Art insignia (it didn't seem like a miracle eraser to me) the mod podge came out AGAIN and I put some fun graphic paper with birds on it, now it is befitting its miracle eraser status. I found the little tiny pitcher today at St. Vinnies for .50 . Perfect for chalk. Happy Thursday! xoxo, cherry

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A couple of befores and afters and in betweens..

First off....I got myself a Real wall flower of a picture frame(50 cents)....This puppy is HOMELY . Than I grabbed a Coca Cola(if loving you is wrong I don't want to be right) for fuel. Than I picked out some fabric from my stash and a few buttons and a little modge podge and now I got a sweet little frame to house my baby boy. I got to say I like using the Modge Podge on fabric sooo much better than using paper. I never get any air pockets with the fabric.
Did the pears throw you off????? Couldn't help it...Love me some fake pears.Than I ran across this little sadly neglected wall shelf for 3.99 ...missing one of its appendages at Goodywill. I decided I wanted to use it on my counter so I turned it upside and went to work. I painted it black and distressed a tad. Bought her a new knob (that doesn't quite match with the rest...but can you really tell?) and here she is. I am happy with her and so is the birdy! Ok one more show and tell... Last but not least I painted an el cheapo frame black (is there an echo in here?) and cut some scrapbook paper and got a chipboard N and made a little monogram of our last name. So there you go..... How about that for tightwad Tuesday! xoxo, cherry

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Black & white and a little project.....

How was everyones weekend? I had a house full of kids yesterday and we all floated the little Deshutes. That was followed by a barbeque and roasting of marshmellows. Simple Summer pleasures! I wanted to share my "new" art picture. I use to have a print of a flower in this frame...that
I had printed out on my printer. I grew tired of it and decided to cut out this pic of a nest from my calender. I used double-sided tape on it and taped her in! This is one of my fave garage sale frames that I painted black & rub & buffed several years back. Still love it...and now it seems like new again. The birds I spray painted black. I have been loving this simple combo of black/white. I usually throw in my love of red..but not at the moment. I found the old french flash-cards awhile ago at a thrift store and put this one in a flower frog. It means blessed....which I feel today on this Summer Sunday.....I hope you feel blessed too! xoxo, cherry

Monday, July 21, 2008

On a Summer's Eve....

I must be coming down with something.....3 posts in less than a 7 day span. Regardless of I am. I know you have all seen fruits before but tonight they just hit me as being so colorful and down right pretty in a simple way. Cleaning/washing them and setting them out in old bowls inspired me. They sit on my newly painted island. I went black with it. It originally came white..and I had it that way for some time. I just wanted something new and here it is. I have been waxing it to dull the finish & have been quite happy with it. My rooster has no objections to it. The burning candle is a Tyler and they I SWEAR (no cussing) are the best for aroma....throughout my house. Little on the spendy side but last a long time. This one is pear. I had to share my Delphinium in my new/old milk bottle...they are doing great this year. I found this clock in black yesterday and HAD to have it. I love its vintage look! Last but not least...I ordered this bag from firefly Farms...she does beautiful sewing!She also has her own blog full of home inspiration...go check her out! She sells other items as well. Well that is enough for now.....I made a blackberry cobbler and it is calling my is my family! xoxo, cherry

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Just a little something something...

Wow two posts in the same week.......that is a first for me in a very long time. I wanted to share my new to me vintage silverware. Got it on Friday at a grange garage sale. Love the patina...and the designs are beautiful. I used this rub-on to snaz up this ole plate. I want to do a trio on the wall with them. Sooo easy to do. Also have been working on some new w. treatments for my kitchen. Two down and one to go. the other side is a ticking type fabric. Well happy Saturday night all! cherry

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Still here......

I am still is just hectic. Summer is going way to fast for me. I wanted to share two little projects...the first was a frame I didn't like. I covered it with damask scrapbook paper and added some black ribbon to it. The second was a china plate that I spray painted ivory and used a bird stamp and some ink and stamped the image on it. I have been trying to allow myself some time to craft and is such a part of me that if I don't allow myself some creativity I get down right depressed. Like many of us in this moment of high cost groceries and gas I havn't allowed myself to do much thrifting or shopping. I am trying to use what I already have or tweek something I don't care for. The ribbon you see used in the pics was my big splurge today...all a whopping 1.00. I think the black/ivory ticking is such a classic....and adds some whimsy. I hope this Summer finds everyone well and I hope to start posting more! xoxo, cherry