Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ohhh boy...

    Never get to sure of yourself when it comes to staying soon as you think ohhh I never get sick...boooooooom it happens.   It hit me Saturday...just lovely....lovely aches and pains & oh so more.  Don't know what it was but glad it has gone.   Now trying to play catch up.   I was craving some has been snowing here and I needed a boost.  I brought out some blues, sunny yellows, and reds.  Easter is not far off..and I hope we don't have snow than but fear we will.     That is it for me....I am still sooo fatiqued feeling so need some shut eye.    Hope you enjoy!   I have not forgotton about tying bows either.     hugs, c herry

Friday, February 24, 2012

Thank goodness it's Friday!

So glad I will see my dh tonight!  Yesterday was his birthday...i won't spill the beans on how old..but felt awful he was alone on his birthday.    As far as crafting I have been busy on some custom orders for a few ladies but had to stop and create something for no particular reason.   Another pocket....boy am I predictable!  I think I need help....maybe we should all start a self help group.  Many of you agreed it was a nesting thing...and that sounds good to me.   Anyways...this one is in nuetrals again and full of old laces that I have tea -stained.  Some fun images and burlap ribbons.  These are quite large tags and are actually photo  mats but I thought they made a fun layer on top of my other diecuts.
    Of course I had to have a mini tag...this time with its own envelope.   Many of you have asked about my bows and if I would do a tutorial.   If you are interested just let me know.  I could try to do a photo tutorial..step by step.   I cheat when I make bows....I will let you know that.  Very easy.  Anyways  I need to get a few things spic and span.  Hope you enjoy and have a good weekend!  hugs, cherry

Monday, February 20, 2012

More blue..

              Soooooooooo I have more blue for you.  Maybe I am blue and don't know it..but anyway I have been craving that wintery blue. This time with a bit of yellow mixed in and a little pink.  Just having fun using new goodies.  I found some vintage buttons the other day while in the big town and am smitten with their old crazing and crackle.  You just can not replicate that lovely aged look. 
                          And what is it with pockets, envelopes...or anything for that matter that you can tuck something in?  I go crazy for such things.  I am like that with shelves, cubbies, and nooks too.  Hmmm is it a nesting thing?  A bit of tucking and I am happy.  So the first card has a vellum envelope with what else but a tag inside.  A secret place to write a sentiment.  The second project is another envelope for easter..just gussied up with some goodies.  I LOVE that sheer pink rose cabochon button...found it at Joanns.  New buttons are soooo expensive but JoAnns had buy one get one free.  Last card was a lot of fun for me to feels old fashion and grannyish.  I have always loved that Disney saying from Jimminy Crickett.  Wellllllllll hope you enjoy. I have sooo many chores to do and nary the energy.   I am going to bed.  There is always tomorrow. Night night!   hugs, cherry

Saturday, February 18, 2012

She wore blue....

 velvet per se but a lot of blue this eve!   Just yummmy aquas up in here.   I was inspired by the seambinding color and some new goodies from Joanns.  Spring will soon be here and that makes me oh so happy.   I just have two projects here to share tonight.  Both large tag diecuts that I paired up with envelopes.  Lots of fun to make the outer package just as fun as the inside.   The sweet sentiment is from Crafty Secrets.  That is it...hope you enjoy!  I am off to spend time with the family.   hugs, cherry

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You Make me Smile......

    Love that simple sweet sentiment....and had to use it on this card the other day.  So much to smile about when creating away!  Keeps my mind off of other things...and keeps it on task.  It is good to get lost in the moment..on a detail here or there.   I found some fun diecuts the other day when I made my weekly visit to JoAnns.  Gorgeous old fashion roses and pinks and greens.  Had to use them right away.   So I did.  The first two cards use them along with other goodies.  My last project I finished up today.  I have long wanted to create a pocket from burlap ever since I saw one in a Somersett magazine and have finely done it.  I just stitched up the sides and added all kinds of laces to create a large bloom.  I couldn't stop at just one pocket though and ended up making a smaller one for my parisian greeting card to fit in.  I made a few tags as well to go in it...and embellished them with a few things that were sitting on my craft table.  Key, more laces, ribbons, and such.  That is it.... you should try one yourself...if you do wont want to stop at just one.  One last fun share....I was excited to find out I made the Rubber Cafe Design Team and can't wait to get creating with their fun products so I can share them here with you!  Hope to share soon!   Well that is it for today!  As always thank you for taking the time to visit and comment!  Hugs, cherry

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happpppppy Monday

Happppppppppppy Monday to you is almost over really but hope you had a happy one anyway!  I am back again with another sewing them pocket....these are so fun to make!  This time I wanted to do a sweet cottagey theme one in bright reds and aqua blues.  I made up a homemade bloom again using some vintage swiss dot fabric from my stash.  I had to do another spool banner because I think they are just plain cute.  It is fun to look through my stash and find all the sewing theme items and find them homes.   The other card is just another one I did up with a bloom again...and a cute button card from October Afternoon.     Last but not least is a card I did for Vintage Street Market for Valentines Day tomorrow!  We were challenged to use only certain items that we were sent.  Please go check out the other designt teams yummy creations!  Well that is it for me today....hope you enjoy!   Have a lovey dovey day tomorrow!  hugs, cherry

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Today you are you...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh today you are you....that is truer than true... sweet Dr. Suess ..what a wise man!   I felt this sweet sing songy saying today...going about my work doing what makes my heart happy.  I was truer than true today within myself.   I can't be anymore me than when I create.   I know many of you know just what I mean.    I was in that was snowing out ...and I felt bliss.   I hope I am always able to feel this from time time.  That reconnection.   I just had to share this with you...and my goodies today!  A couple of cards...and a card set pocket made from a bakery sleeve.  I apparantly was feeling the pink today.   Good heavens...lots of pink up in here!  Lots of paper scraps, homemade flowers, buttons, and little wooden spools painted up, found in the craft section of JoAnns.  I dusted off the cobwebs on one of my embossing folders again...and ran the bakers sleeve and a doily through  my diecut machine.  Subtle and soft....I am loving them again and the bit of detail they give a project.  Other than that some October Afternoon embellies and my projects were complete.
                 I love anything sewing Mom is a big time sewer or was until her eyesight started to go.  She use to sew and crochet many of my doll clothes.   I will always love fabric and anything to do with sewing notions.  They will always remind me of her.   Well that is it for me this evening....hope you enjoy!  If there is anything you would like to ask , don't hesitate!   hugs, cherry