Monday, August 3, 2009

Feeling sooo Blessed

Somedays you are BLESSED ENOUGH to realize just how blessed you really are! That is how I feel today... just darn blessed. Sure I have my days...going through the hours...taking for granted the day before me. Today is a realization....A perfect azure sky, a slight breeze blowing. I get to be at home with my boy and side kick lab pal Riley. Listening to the radio playing on the oldies station and the clicking of legos being built. Knowing the dishes FOR NOW are caught up. A sigh escapes me...a good one....and I feel happy!
You all have added to that factor...all the wonderful kudos and congratulations. Thank-you sooo much...for your warm endearments. You all have tickled me! I have gathered from many of you...that you would love to win a garland of some sort....maybe something cherry? Soooo that is what I will come up with. I plan on getting the give-away done and underway in the next few days. I will post it and that will be the official sign up. Before I leave you..I wanted to share a project I am working on with my bedroom lamps. They started a dark wood color....I than painted them white....but they were not popping enough so I painted them an aqua blue....I distressed the one I am sharing.....and also added some light blue seam binding to the white lampshade. I think they add just enough color.....the area I am showing is my side of the bed. I love the serene quality of the creams and white...but I have got to have my COLOR....this aqua with a bit of red here and you will soon see....satifies my need. I can't leave with out also sharing my crafts for the weekend. I have been having a lot of fun with pinks lately.....ohhhh and doilies....who knew??? Of course most of what you see can be found in my etsy store. Thanks ever soo much my friends! Off to make a grilled cheese...OR two OR boy and side kick are hungry! XOXO, Cherry
EDITED TO ADD.... SHE is doing "make your mondays...something you have made..projects etc." I thought I would join up! Go over and see all the fab projects.