Thursday, December 29, 2011

Getting back to normal....

Or so I think....our tree is still up and so are the knick knacks...but by New years eve everything should find itself tucked away again till next year.  I hope that you all had a wonderous and magical holiday and were able to enjoy friends and family.   Ours was a quiet affair...but was lovely.  With three grandparents and one child it makes for a small gathering.  I am so glad though that we were able to be together another year.  It is especially important to me because my dh is working each week far away up by Portland and we only see him now on the weekend.  So thankful that he has a job though! 
 At this time of year I like to try to shoo away the Winter blues with the upcoming holiday Valentines Day. It has been nasty...wet and cold. So whipping up Valentine goodies are just what I need.  I think it is my most favorite to create for.  Something about the colors and the images that I adore.  Some might find it a silly "made up" holiday but I think it is sweet and nostalgic to give to someone you love.  Today I am sharing a few items I have been working on.   All done in soft pinks and blushes.   I recently bought some things directly from Maya Road...the heart bottlecaps and stitched tulle in bubblegum you see.  Love their stuff!  I recently had a birthday and decided to spoil myself a bit.  I will be back with some bright creations as well soon.  Well hope you enjoy and are keeping warm!  Hugs , cherry

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday evening..

            Hope you are all home...warm and snug!  We are....hanging out the three of six of use including the two cats and lab watching tv.  Couch potatoes are a wonderful thing on a cold Winter night.  I popped in to share a few more things made for Purple Onion Designs.  I am head over heels in love with the Holiday Postmark set.  Sooo fun to use to add a detail here and there.   I also used the vintage perpetual calender a bit and can't wait to use more of it on another project.  Also used were the handwritten holiday set, and vintage snowflakes set and the deluxe labels.  As per norm for me I had to sprinkle some glitter here and there.   Been having fun making holiday tags.  So how are you all doing with your Christmas crafts?  Getting them done?  Lots to do huh?   I say get the fun stuff done and let the rest slide....the holidays are meant to be enjoyed.   I don't worry anymore about the things that don't get done.  There is always next year!  Happy Weekend!  hugs, cherry

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A little stampin

                    Happy Holidays.....poppin in to share a couple of cards I designed for Purple Onion Designs .  I used their Holiday Postmark set, Happy Holidays Noteblock, Handwritten Holiday, and the Deluxe Label set.  So many fun stamps to use....I had a ball making these cards.  I fussy cut a few Santa images from the Authentique Christmas the silhouette look of them.  Of course I had to top these off with some glitter.  A little birdie told me also that Purple Onion Designs is having a holiday sale...25 percent off everything in the go check it out!    I will be back with a few more projects made for them soon!  I am tired...very tired.     night, night, cherry

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ohhh yeah bring on Christmas........

Can't believe how
close Christmas is...but it sure is fun getting ready for it!  The glitters, the bows, all that shimmers and glimmers.....I never tire of it.   I know I said I wouldn't be back till my Vintage Street Market post but ummm had to share some new creations.   More of my fave grey....yes it is my new fave...this time paired with red....instead of pink.  Simply heaven.  Another fun color duo of reds and creams..which I never tire of.  All kinds of toppings....tea stained ribbons, glittery goodies, paper diecuts...all looking sweeter with a soft topping of glitter.  Which by the way I have had some of you ask how I do the glitter.  I use a good spray adhesive, mine is 3m from Walmart.  I lightly spray my card or item and than top it off with a sprinkle of glitter from the container.  Just gives it a nice snowy effect.  It seems to dry quite well...might remain a bit tacky but worth the extra effort I think.  When I want to do small detail effects I use Tim Holtz distress glitters that come in the small tubes.  My last project you see is close to my heart.....I collect those old vintage frames through the year and than spray them up with paint.  Love to do shadowbox altered art with them.   I did quite a few of them a few years back and than like so many of us do went on to other things.  So glad I took the time to try it again.  I love how this one came out.  I fnally broke into my harlequin ribbon I have been hoarding.  Again I had to sprinkle it all with glitter...good gried will I tire of it?   I don't know ...Valentines is around the corner rofl.   Well hope you enjoy.....and getting ready for the holidays.  We get our tree tomorrow!  hugs to you and night night, cherry

Monday, November 28, 2011

Color Combos

Happy Monday!  It was beautiful sky...just what I needed..especially on a Monday.  NO ice thank Goodness.  I hate driving in the snow and ice...and if I don't have to I wont.  I thought I would drop by to share a few things...I have been playing around with non traditional color schemes for Christmas.   I have done quite a few things this year adding really pops against my favorite color red and adds a touch of sophistication...and I am just diggin it.  I am sure it will pop up again before the season is over.  The other one I tried was pink (which I know many of you adore) and grey.  I am generally not a big grey person ...but again I am really diggin the combination of it with pink.  It was a natural for these Crafty Secret images I used.  I heard they are going all digital...say it ain't so! Boo! Anyways...hope you enjoy!  I will be back to share a Vintage Street Market project with you all in  a few days!  Night night all, cherry