Thursday, June 30, 2011

light and sweet

I can't believe how long it has been since I posted...sorry!  As many of you know Summer kinda takes over....which makes me quite happy.  I have been making cards though...I can't help it.   I thought I would  make this light and sweet so I won't stay long.  wanted to share some of my latest creations with you.  I find more and more that I grab for vintage teastained doilies, old buttons, old bits and findings.  Things that make your creations one of a kind.  Well that is it for me....My dh is back home for a couple of days and I need to spend time with him..    Happy 4th to you all, cherry

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Home sweet home...

I love being home during the summer...hearing the frogs croakin...and the sprinklers goin.  It was 92 today and I LOVED it.  After the winter and nonexistent spring...I welcome the warmth and sunshine.  I have not popped in for a few days...been busy with this and that.  My dh had to leave for a 2-3 week stint working several hours away and I miss him dearly.   Work has been slow coming for us and I am glad for the blessing of it but sorely miss seeing him puttering around on the lawn and such.  Glad to have my son and our sidekick lab Riley , and our two cats.   I thought I would pop in with this little primitive house I altered awhile back.  I painted it white first and than used my beloved Helmar crackle. I also used it on the little home and heart works really well on plain ole papers.    I than used some new papers that I got from girls paperie...that have the vintagey look I love and covered the little wooden house and than went to work embellishing it.  That is the fun part huh?  Using bits and bobs to make something unique and yours.  I adore the combination of aquas and pinks...fresh and fun.     Hope you enjoy and sooo hpe you are all able to enjoy summer!  hugs, cherry

Friday, June 17, 2011

sneaky peeky...

Hmmm what does this convey to you?  Could it be another delectible kit from here  why yes it is!  This kit is gonna rawk your socks off......oh yes it is!   cherry

Thursday, June 16, 2011

scruffy and tattered

Two of my favorite words when it comes to card making.....perfectly imperfect.  layers of old lace, stitching, teastaining on EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN.  Ohhhh the little things that make me happy.  Today I was in a shabby mood, can you tell?  I found some envelopes yesterday that I fell in love with and quickly gave them a overhaul with some tea....I also found that big garagtuan rose and had to use it today.  I paired it with some lace that I found last week...and thought they were made for each other.  Hope you enjoy my scruffy and tattered cards today.  I am off to enjoy some your creations today!  hugs, cherry

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HOORAYYYY for the red, white, and blue!

   Ok maybe I went overboard creating for the 4th...but I LOVE it!  How can you not feel patriotic when you see these colors?  You can totally embrace the vintage look with the faded reds, creams, and dusty blues.  Sooo today I have a card..I actually ripped and sanded around the edges of the image to really give it an authentic it has been around for awhile.   Than I made a little pendant...I have been hoarding these little 4th of july wood words and decided to finally break them out.  Than another one of my bingo cards I love to make...and finally lol...a banner.  I have not made one of these in awhile.  I thought the bottle caps were a cute addition....vintagey and remind me of Summer.    Sooo are you gearing up for the 4th?  I hope I have inspired you a bit!  Hugs, cherry

Monday, June 13, 2011

Summmmmmerrrrrrr time!

                        Ahhhhh sunshine...warmth, the smell of fresh cut grass, evenings spent listening to the frogs a croakin....ohhh I LOVE YOU SUMMER TIME!  I decided today to use some color....reds, the colors of freshly picked veggies & fruits.b the way...the strawberries I have gotten lately are wonderful!  YUMMMM.  The first two cards use images from Crafty Secrets Homemade journal notes and Garden Scraps...the perfect images to start of Summer!  I took a mason jar lid and decided to crackle AGAIN using Helmar's Crackle medium.  Love the bright happy colors!  The last two use the new Cosmo Cricket those sweet little girls!  They make me smile!  Well hope you enjoy..and I also hope you are able to enjoy some much needed Summer and sun.  I know we all need it!  hugs, cherry

Saturday, June 11, 2011

First official Helmar post!!!!!

Hello there..... I said I would come back and I did!  I wanted to share a project I did for Helmar using their 2 step crackle medium and some lovely Pink Paislee Buttterfly Garden collection that Pink Paislee sent to the design team .   I am in love with Helmar's crackle finish....I tried to crackle my dh but he wouldn't stand still.  I sincerely feel like crackling just about everything.  Sooo todays crackle project (there will be more) I decided to start with a chipboard plaque ...I didn't even paint it first..nope.   I put the first step on and waited around 10-15 minutes and than put the second coat on pretty thick.  I did leave this over night like it said too but have since than tried it on other items and within about 30 minutes they were done.  You can start seeing the cracks appear within minutes and it is fun to watch... a little like magic.  I have tried other crackle finishes and have never had such good results.  After the plaque had dried I rubbed brown shoe polish over it and to settle in the cracks and a bit of dry brushing of cream Delta paint to soften it. I wanted a very antiquey worn finish...what I like to call perfectly imperfect.  I couldn't stop there so  I also crackled my dress form, the little wooden finials, and the wood spool.  For my adhesives I tried the Helmar 450 quick dry and some zap dots for demension on the dressform. This was the first time using the Helmar 450 and I love really dried super fast..which is good because I am a bit impatient! Hope you enjoyed my first post for Helmar!  I will be posting soon over at Helmar's blog today...would love to have you come by and see me!  Happy Saturday all, cherry

Friday, June 10, 2011

Man o man....

hello there
I have been busy busy with end of the school year activities.  We have finally had a bit of sunshine and I have  been outside....sooo wonderful and warm...I dearly need it.  I do have a little something to share.  I have been working on Helmar projects and been playing around with their Crackle finish .  I tried it here on this plaque in a small area on the metal frame and they keyhole.....I LOVE the outcome.  This is some awesome stuff! I will have more to share with it very soon.  I can't stop crackling things.  I found that vintage rhinestone brooch piece and the vintage cabochen rose out in my travels this week and love them.  Love to use old pieces like this as the center of flowers and such.  They tell a history you  just can't find with something new and shiny.  Just like the buttons above with their crackle imperfect state....that I find delectible.  Well hope you enjoy....I think things will slow down a bit for awhile before we start planning our trips etc.  Can't wait to share something I am making for Helmar.    Come back and visit!  cherry