Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Time Goodness!

Here is my one and only area of Easter decor! Found the chalkware duckies last week thrifting. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring...such a wonderful time for renewal of all things. I am feeling the Spring Time Love! cherry

Monday, March 19, 2007

Princess & the Pea and other pillow talk.....

Finely got around to taking some pics of our bed painted. This bed is mammoth! I have to have a bench in order to get up into it. This bed is not for a pregnant lady! While it may sound silly(humor me) I feel so princess and the pea.........and downright safe in this bed! It is high, lofty, and soft! This is the bed that you turn to in all times of trouble......and sickness. (My son always wants to sleep in it when he is sick.) This is that place for kicking back with the latest decorating mags or novel & relishing EVERY creature comfort! Of course we have the pillows for softy goodness ...(I wanted to share my two new ones in picture that I just got done sewing from two towels I found thrifting.) The pillows make the bed....right ladies? It is the pillows that we sink into and give out that requisite sigh.....that says it is now time for rest & relaxation ! A time to nurture ourselves for a bit! This bed is all that...... enveloping and welcoming...and I wouldn't want it any other way! We all need that "safe haven" from time to time and well this is def. mine! xoxo, cherry

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My new "create" room!

Wanted to share my new space for scrapbooking and crafting! This is a new desk and hutch (got hutch for 10.00 at Goodwill a yr. ago)! I have switched rooms with my dh. He never uses this room and it is larger than our other spare room. Soooooooo he gets to move all his lovely elk & deer to the room next door.....all the manly things! This is gonna be fun to transform! I plan on painting the back (beadboard) red for some pop! I may move our daybed in here OR I might not! rofl! xoxo, cherry

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lazy Sunday Ruler Project...

Been collecting old wood rulers for awhile..(I have a thing for old office supplies..go figure). Put them to use today by hot gluing them together to make a whimsical frame of sorts for my old birdy pics. I certainly enjoy fast projects like these...especially on a Sunday! xoxo, cherry

Monday, March 5, 2007

Are you a pillow worshiper?

I am.....with all my heart and soul.... to the discontentment of my poor husband. I ask in all the name of what is cozy and soft.....who wouldn't enjoy piles of glorious pillows to ease a weary back? My Anti-Euro pillow husband loves to throw them off on to the floor.... with me yelling excitable errrr exclamations at him ! I will have to give up thinking I can sway him over to my side....sigh! These are but a few of mine for what I call my "Princess and the Pea Bed". I have many for this wonderful bed of mine. This is the project I have been working on the past week. I finally got my bed painted a lovely shade of creamy white( you can see a snippet of it in pic). This is something I have been wanting to do ever since I bought the bed.....almost 4 yrs. ago. Can't wait to make it up with fresh clean linens AND my pillows and sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I will share the actual bed soon! xoxo, cherry