Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some inspiration and a give-away

I have been MIA some what this week. My body feels like it is wanting to come down sick. I wanted to share a few blogs with you that have been hard at work with some Halloween fun. This lady tried a few of my projects Mr. Pumpkin Man and the family sign and I am sooo glad she told me..cuz I than followed her home and was delighted to see her gorgeous home! You got to go check her out. Seriously.......NOW. http://www.andreaw123.typepad.com/ Miss. Tausha tried my clock project and it came out dangggggg cute...take a peek here http://thehoytshouse.blogspot.com/ Plus she did some pretty cute holiday plates. Here is another fun blog..she did the wood pumpkin and the cutest cheese cloth ghosts. I love them. http://thriftydecorchick.blogspot.com/ If you want some Halloween inspiration..these ladies fit the bill.

Here is my little give-away...Mr. Pumpkin Man all in black/white ready to come visit one of you ladies. I added some texture to his face this time with some textured paint. I am also throwin in a black crow....I know some of you were not able to get any. I am also workin on a little something else as a surprise. I will draw the winner on Friday. I want to thank-you all for coming and visiting me and leaving me a little sunshine everyday. I am a little surprised that I made it to 100 comments, I took a blogging vacation for quite some time ....I know many of you are wayyy beyond that.. but it is a lot for me. Thanks for the kudos on the blog redo...shelley is really reasonable and helped me out w/ the technical problems I was having...I never said I was the sharpest tool in the shed.. I do think that I may change the background...black can make it hard to see the words. I hope everyone is doing well in this week of unknowns. I know that you all give me a lift everyday when I come visit ya. Hugs to you all! Cherry

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What do you think

Of the new look of my blog? I don't know why the pics are all messed up now. It was done by http://shelsscraps.blogspot.com/ I wanted something colorful and a relection of my title/name...so I think it fits the bill. Will be back tomorrow to post a little something. cherry

Friday, September 26, 2008

Going to the birds.

Yes...sir that's my baby...No sir I don't mean maby.
My dh's grandmother just passed away..I was given this by my mother-in-law. I love old postcards.
This one sings opera....""ahhh Marieeeeee"

This little guy was given to my Great Grandmother Wilt by her students when she was retiring from teaching. It is very old. It says "Best Wishes".

The needlepoint was made by my Great-grandmother...Grandma Poo. You heard me right. POO.

And I mean going to the BIRDSSSSS ! We are talking just short of Alfred Hitchcock here baby. NO Joke. Thought I would give ya all a break from all the goulish decor..for the most part. Although mentioning Hitchcock does favor towards the macabre. I thought I would share a small part of my obsession with bird related things. No harm no foul, right? No pun intended ...yeah right. I am an equal opportunity bird owner here...not biased by color. We got silver birds, white birds, multi-colored birds, and yes black birds. We have old ones and new ones. It doesn't matter...its all good. I know many of you share that same love for our feathered friend. I just started snapping away...and I didn't get them all. A few flew off in the making of this post. REALLY. THEY. DID> Which reminds me you ever see them flying around inside Costco...or other big box stores...ewwww, gross....where are they hangin out when we are not there? Please tell me they are not nesting on my loaf of bread! Ok I digress.

Hey if you want to join in sharing a few feathers..er birds..nests... etc.. I would love to see your collection. Bring it on...alert me if you do and I will link you here on this post. Sooo yeah you are wondering about the odd ball there...MR. Boo boo kitty. (Remember shirley from "Laverne and Shirley"..she had a boo boo kitty too. I had to throw him in..he is my newest Kitty on the block. He promised not to bother the birds. He was a special order for a lady. Hope she likes it. If you want one email me. I have pumpkins and owls left. Have a great weekend. I am almost done with the give-away I am doing. I will be posting it on Monday. Don't forget to drop by! xoxo,cherry

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Go give this little lady a visit....

She is new to blogging and starting up a lovely etsy store. She is having a fun give-away to jump start things. Regena is her name and she is being quite generous! Better hurry up and enter for her give-away before it is over and congratulate her on entering blogland! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://quiltfever3.blogspot.com/ I wanted to add a word of thanks for the support from you all. I even got a few special orders from some ladies. I hope someday there is a bloggers covention and we can all meet one another. I feel like so many of you are friends even though I have never met you face to face. Hey a girl can dream! Night night! Cherry

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ok...take it easy on me.....

I have been pondering..and getting prodded by family to try my hand at Etsy. I have been wondering if I can really do it...and as many of you know it isn't easy to put yourself out there. It is especially not easy to make something from the heart and actually get paid for it. In most cases with crafts you don't get your time back out of it. That is ok with me. I know of a few sites that sale from their blog. I figure if they can..why can't I? I thought I would just put two items up for sell and see what happens. From here maybe Etsy...I don't know...I just know I need to try. This will not become a weekly occurrence...you won't come here and see things for sell all the time. Soooo don't worry! So here goes....I have two vintage style pieces for sell. I hope someone will want to give them a home. I enjoyed making them..and putting love into them. They are distressed and inked and ready for someone's home for Halloween. The black cat has an opening at the top to put treats in. It is also a box. I have added vintage crepe paper, vintage button, and some orange tulle. He is heavily distressed and inked for a worn appearance. The pumpkin is like my other one...different papers and buttons. Both have silly little tags. Both are made with whimsy in mind. Of course since they are made with my own two hands...they are not perfect...not factory made! In my humble opinion adorable just the same. The Pumpkin man is 23.00 plus shipping. Mr. Black Cat is 18.00 plus shipping**SOLD**. I will do my best to get the best price on shipping and will not charge handling. AND yes I am still going to do a pumpkin man give-away next week. I have not forgot. Thanks....and as I said please be nice rofl. Hugs, cherry

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A dollar will go farther than you think...

I think by now most of us are honored by the presence of the Dollar Tree chains. While mine is still a considerable amount away..I am able to get there once every week or so. With the added competition from their stores..I am sure you have noticed others joining the dollar bandwagon. Target, Michaels, and JoAnns to name a few. Fine by me....better on my budget. With the added benefit of those sections and my thrifting ways...I am able to stretch my project dollar...and who doesn't like that? So of curse oops course I had to share my Dollar Tree and other Dollar section projects. The funny wooden shadow box type piece beats the dollar by .50 cents. That is what I paid at a garage sale...I knew that it would make the perfect project for this....http://joysofhome.blogspot.com/2008/08/it-was-mint-to-be.html this project blew me away...and I happily & most shamefully have copied it. Of course Mrs. Joy told us that she got the little containers at the Dollar tree so those came from there. As did the flickering little lights. I had to really scramble to take a pic...the candy corn will not last long in this household. I made a little tag to add to my scoop. The Halloween labels also came from the glorious Dollar Tree. I grabbed several sets of them. I was lucky enough to find the bottles at a Goodwill last Thursday and thought the labels would work well on them. Added some tags from last year and distressed the stickers and adhered them and DONE. The house numbers I just painted and added ribbon and some Halloween brads to cover the holes where you are suppose to use nails. The letters that spell boo as you can see were pink...didn't work for me..so painted them black added ribbon and DONE again. Also shared a few pics of my Halloween decor...I am adding it bit by bit...this is the LAST day of Summer..officially. I scored Mr. Pumpkin light last year at St. Vinnies...it is Department 56 and YES it was only a dollar....it's ok.. you can hate me....I would! All in all everything was a dollar or less, easy to do, fun, and keeps me out of trouble on a Saturday night. Be looking for a Pumpkin give-away next week! xoxo, cherry