Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Best thing since sliced bread PICTURE OVERLOAD

Sweet bird tag from Ms. Kathy!

BETTER than sliced bread in my humble opinion........PEGBOARD. LOVE it.....for this organizational lacking individual it is a little piece of heaven. I have such problems with keeping things in their place....I really think I lack that gene...and I am convinced there is a gene....I have seen it in blog land. So many neat as a pin chicks out there...you know who u are! I try and try and to no avail...things end up a BIGGGG mess. WHY do you think I never show you guys my whole craft space??? Hmmmmmmm? It is a big bonafide mess. I am a free spirit when it comes to creating...I have to have everything surrounding me. I am visual.....chaotic.....and it leads to such travesty in my life and the people around me...sigh. Anyways...so I bought some peg board....seems so simple. Painted it black and hung them up. NOW I see the light. I can see all my important things right there...hanging. It may not be visually appealing to some..but boy o boy she is a beaut to me. So that is my share today folks....that and snippets of the craft room...I still have a few paper piles....but she is getting gussied up. The lovely stained glass cherry you see as well as the sweet little tin plates I have nestled in my containers are from SWEET JEAN in Virginia....she also sent me a darling crochet pot holder that I have in my kitchen. Thanks soooo much Jean!
I also wanted to show another one of my cake stands that I did a few days ago. Painted the pedestal white with red showing through....and added a pretty embellished skirt to it. I have also been making crepe flowers again...actually a lot of flowers out of paper too. LOVE making them.
Other than that.....I am adding goodies to etsy tonight....bingo cards, cards, etc. it takes awhile to list everything so keep checking back. OHHHHH I am going to be marking some of my items down....I really would like to get my store cleaned out for the holidays.....several of the items would make lovely Christmas gifts....just check for the *SALE* in my listing title.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Etsy Treasures and a few last snippets of Halloween

I have a few wonderful goodies to show you tonight...two are etsy treasures from here http://thehouseofwhimsy.blogspot.com/ and http://kathyscottage.blogspot.com/ I did a trade with Mary Lou from House of Whimsy awhile back for one of these delightful witches...she is gorgeous. I named her Tabitha. The detail is out of this world! The other is a delightful raven I got from Ms. Kathy.....she had them last year and I never got to one fast enough. I LOVE him...she does wonderful work! He is so whimsical...he will be staying out for quite some time...I will have problems putting him away after Thanksgiving. Than I did a fun trade with Michelle from http://imalittletpott.blogspot.com/ fell in love with her little stitched wicked pillows...adorable! I have it tucked in an ironstone bowl. She also sent along MANY goodies...the milk glass is from her , the little wooden pumpkin, a candle...which is gone...smelled wonderful! Candy and socks for my tootsies...with candycorn on them! Quite frankly she spoiled me!

Other than that...I snapped a few poorly lit pics of my hallway where I have a few Halloween goodies sitting out. The other pictures show a wreath I made awhile back all out of paper. I used a few Halloween postcards and made some rosettes. It hangs on my front door. I thought it turned out pretty cute. Thanks so much for the lovely comments on my early Christmas endeavors. If I don't start now...it just wont get done! Happy Wednesday to you all! XoXo, cherry

Monday, October 19, 2009

A bit early...

Is anyone still around this joint? I have been MIA....my son got sick again..this time with the flu and missed a full week..and than it took me a good week to recover the house from the land mine that hit it. As a crafter...it takes awhile to get stocked up on holiday goods...as you can guess I have been busy with THE holiday....CHRISTmas. Which is my favorite of all holidays....the most magical time of the year, the reason for it, and the blessings it brings. I actually stocked quite a few Christmas items last week..but most of them are gone from my etsy store. I thought I would share some of this weeks & last weeks goodies with you. It is that or share pics of the dirty sink....I have yet to get to. Do you really want to see a dirty sink....if you have seen one you've seen them all. Hope all is well with anyone that still visits this way. Happy Monday, cherry