Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stamped Mason jar card

Hello there...I am here today to share a tutorial with you..a sweet cottagey stamped mason jar card perfect for a loved one or special some one.  Start off by making your card (mine is 4 1/4 x 5 1/2) .  Get stamps all together and start stamping them (I used a soft pink dye ink)..I chose to stamp mine on neutral ledger type papers for a soft look. Than fussy cut them out and set aside as you cover your cardstock in your chosen papers.  I used some scrap pieces that worked well together. Than I was ready to " age my papers" by using my stand by distress inks (they are never far from me).  I love the instant age and worn appearance they give my cards.  I am not shy when it comes to aging..more is better in my opinion.   I than applied some vintage crochet lace with hot glue.  Now the fun begans as you construct your mason jar!  If you like use foam adhesive for a 3-d effect or use some good acid free glue.  Once you are done with that...have fun embellishing your cottage mason jar...I chose a little square diecut and buttons.  You could also use decorative scissors for a ric rac edge.  Adhere your embellies with hot glue.  Add the twine and stamps at the top of the jar.  The last step is to add your ribbons of choice.  I chose wrinkle ribbons for a soft look.  Glue them on and if you like add some trinket pins.  I added stacked buttons to my pins for a bit of whimsy.  Once that is are finished!   Your card is ready to give to that special someone!  Thanks for letting me share and hope you enjoyed the tutorial.    hugs, cherry

Friday, April 29, 2011

You just gotta laugh...

I wake up and it is a literal blizzard outside....than afternoon rolls around and the sky is clear and blue.  Sometimes you just gotta laugh.  I suppose it will decide to be Spring sometime.  Maybe May...which is Sunday.   Haaahaaa!  A few cards today...mostly pinks..and a bit of aqua.  I found some more lovely crochet pieces...and just adore using them in my art.   Love the softness they add to a card.  One worked perfectly with my crochet cherries....yes another cherry.   The sweet bird image is from Crafty Secrets.  Their images are the best.  Other than that another shabby rose card and Melissa frances 5th Avenue card...which I am almost all out of.  Should have gotten two of everything.  So that is it for me.  Hope you enjoy my shares.  If you ever have any questions don't hestitate to ask...some of you I don't know how to get back too.    Have a wonderful weekend!  hugs, cherry

Thursday, April 28, 2011

short and sweet

   Just popping in with a sneak peek at CupCards to Go May is quite dreamy.  Happy I said short and sweet!  hugs, cherry

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Little bit of this and a little bit of that

      OHHH I have so enjoyed today!  There was sunshine..we got a new tree and my dh planted it...I had time to create today...and my dh made dinner!  It's the little things that make me oh so happy.  How about you?  Was your Wednesday good?  I hope so!  I wanted to express my thanks to those that wished me aches come and go.  It is one of the pit falls of dealing with a messed up thyroid.  I seem to need more rest than most and so I allowed myself that.  You have to listen to your body..right? 
                                   So a little this and that tonight...a few cards...two in soft shades of sky.  I wish I could bottle that color!  The other two are brighter but still vintagey...just love red ginghams...remind me of aprons and grandmas...and curtains blowing in the wind.   I found two antique snap buttons had to use them that worn silver look.  Worn from wear and the touch of hands through the years.  Leave it to me to romantize buttons...silly me!  Well I will leave you with my button fetish.  I know many of you have it too!  I will be back with a sneaky of the CupCards to go May kit tomorrow.  See you soon, cherry

Monday, April 25, 2011

fly away with me

Was your Easter wonderful?  I hope so!  Ours was was also my Dad's birthday so we spent the day with my parents and mixed traditional Easter yummies with my honey chicken was a small smorgasbord.  It was so nice spending time with my parents.  My Dad is now 72...which I can't believe.  They had me a little later in life..which is quite normal now, but wasn't in the 70's.  We have a very small family but I cherish them so much! 
Well I came by of course to share a few a light and airy look...whimsical.  More of the Pink Paislee diecuts.  My soul craves these colors right now...we have had storms and snow until I just want to scream.  It is just strange. I guess I have a bit of a theme with out even realizing it...wings.  Each card either has a bird image, nest, butterfly, or fairy.  Hmmmm maybe I want to soar away to a warm sunny climate.  Sun please come and stay and play.    I also made another vintage plaque...I found an old vintage Italian scroll frame and painted it was perfect to frame this velvet prima rose I adore.  I love to pair the old and new together.  You would never know which is old and which is new.....a perfect marriage.  Well that is it for me this eve.  I am gonna go take a hot shower and go to bed!  See ya on Wednesday with a bit of an annoucement and stay tuned to see the new CupCard kit for May!  It is dreamy.....hint hint.    hugs,c herry

Friday, April 22, 2011


Happy TGIF kids!  Hope all is well with you.  I have been feeling a bit joints have been aching.  It is driving me nuts and making me oh so tired.  The sun was out today which was wonderful.  Nothing can compare to the warmth of the sun.  I wanted to share a custom order with you ..this plaque was made for a sweet customer.  I hope she likes it!  It was made using a Crafty Secrets image.  I love to use jump rings and add little trinkets and thingy ma jings to them.  I also spray painted the key and metal key hole..don't be afraid to change the color of something if it doesn't work in your design.  I have been doing that in my home decor for years and it is a great way to add a bit of customizing (is that a word) to something.  I also got in time to make two cards.  I just needed to make something for fun.  I used another Crafty Secrets image...that handsome rooster and their "Down on the farm" stamp set.  I love roosters...never tire of them.  The last one is done with my beloved black and pink combo.  It just called to me with that sepia tone image of the turn of the century ladies.  A little shabby and a little sophisticated.  That is it for me.  Not a lot going on.  I have something I can't wait to share soon though.  I hpe you enjoy.  Please all of you have a wonderful and blessed Easter!  Hope you are all able to be with loved ones.  Don't eat to many chocolate bunnies!  hugs, cherry

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's raining...

Cherries...yes cherries.  No men...just raining cherries.  Sorry can't help myself...and using these delighful little buggers.  They make me happy and well it is my namesake afterall. I am warning you it isn't the last of seeing them.  Just saying , you've been warned. However  Just to be nice I did share a few other cards using the Pink Paislee diecuts that every tom, dick, and harry have.  They are pretty sweet and I have had fun playing with them (I need more diecuts like I need a hole in my head).  I forget how much I like is classy.  I have quite a bit of it in my home.  I think some might be scared to use it but I love it paired with springy greens or pink(I think it makes pink not be so frou frou sweet and more classy, and I like to pair the two) ..yummmy.  The last card I HAD to use a Viola Mahr trinket pin ( I call them Viola Mahr double decker trinket pins, but that is just me) I love her trinket pins.. sooo sweet.. just like her.  She of course is the talented chickie behind my blog and etsy header, dontcha know! You probley already DO know Miss Vio...(she has made quite a stir with her gorgeous creations and digi talents) BUT if you don't.. go pay her a visit.  Shhhh don't tell anyone but she is very young (she calls me auntie, like I need another complex) and has oodles of talent including piano playing.  I know we should all be this lucky. Go pay her visit, you will be glad you did!
                     Other than that..   I wanted to share an itty bitty part of my hutch today...I was doing a bit of dusting and liked the peek of floral on the inside of my teacups and I rearranged my ironstone type pitchers around.  I use to share so much of my decorating and it took a back seat.  I miss it.  Hope you don't mind if I share from time to time.   Well it is time for me to vamooose...have a glorious Wednesday!  I am just glad it isn't, cherry