Monday, February 28, 2011


    Apparantly I am not totally immune to the super bugs going around.  (I really thought I was)  like duh??  Turns out the crud found me and had its way.  Argh.  Today I am feeling a tad better.  It will take me several days to play catch up...which means those of you that have bought cards...give me till Wednesday and they will be out the door.  I thought I would share a few cards I didn't get a chance to share before.  Soo loving my hankie finds....ohhh the vintage goodness of it all!  YUMMM.  Been making little diecut banners with the snippets of fabric and making the sweetest little flowers....(excuse me it is the thereflu) .    I don't do sick well.  I get animal.   Really I do.  It is not a good scene.   Anyways....happy tonight Bethany is her.   So I am outta here...gonna snuggle up with the tea and honey and watch her.  Hope you enjoy my cards..  tomorrow  the Cupcards Kit goes LIVE.   Come visit me!  cherry

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Magistical memories..

Hello and happy blessed Sunday to you!  I wanted to to show you my Magistical Memories  projects with you all today. I adore chipboard and they have some of the sweetest and really unique chipboard pieces I have ever seen.  The first card uses the laurel bird designed by Nicole lomardo...I simply painted her with white paint and hand stamped some script on it and inked the edges.  Had to shabby Laurel up of course for that vintage look I love.  I thought the believe was fitting for today.  The words speak of love and all that good the subtle message the script gives to the card.  The next also uses a Nicole Lombardo design ...the budding swirl...which I again painted and lightly glittered.  I layered it with Nicole's canvas scroll as well.  Love the two textures together...chipboard and the canvas.  Last but not least...I think my fave chipboard yet...those sweet little whimsical clouds on the banner card.  I have always wanted to walk on a cloud ...I just know they would be the softest place to lay your head and slumber.  Ahhh you think maybe MY head is in the clouds speaking this way...maybe a little.  Anyways I had fun painting them and sanding the edges.  I layered them with foam adhesive for a 3-d effect.  I added the sweetest rub on ...just love that saying.  Simple but yet so profound!  Sooo that is it for me!  I am afraid I am catching something.  Been runnning from it but it is catching up with me...sigh.  I will keep chugging the orange juice and popping my air shield.   argh.    Well my sweetums...I am gonna go eat a girl scout cookie ( I know I shouldn't have the sugar) .  Will pop in again sometime this week.  Have a wonderful presidents day tomrrow.  hugs, cherry

Friday, February 18, 2011

Light and happy friday!

                   feeling light and happy and TGIF!  How about you?  Glad it is the beginning of a long weekend...where anything is possible?  You could take a little road trip, venture down an old road and see where it leads...or bundle up all weekend long in your cozy home.  Hmmm for me  I will take the latter.  I have a few projects that I need to get done for design teams and plan on not venturing very far for the next couple of days.   I did stop by however to share a few cards with you that make my heart smile.
              I love it when my cards invoke how I feel.  Just simple but heart warming thoughts to those we love.  Our little family is just that.. little...but expands with our additions of furry critters and friends.  So blessed to have who I have in  my life.  So very lucky to have a roof over our heads.  It is even better this afternoon with blue sky peeking through the pine trees. Simple but all encompassing blessings.  Well I will leave you for now and have high hopes your weekend will lead you to your heart's content!  xoxo, cherry

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thank-you so much

Thank you to those that prayed and commented on my son.  He is doing well.  A bit of a lingering cough but he is well on his way to recovery.   I took him to an orthopedic dr on friday...five minutes later and 168.00 poorer we found out (what we already had thought)that he has Seaver's disease.  Sounds worse than it is...and luckily something he will out grow as he stops growing. ( warning, a bit of a rampage) Please tell me WHY OH WHY ...a 5 minute Dr. visit should cost so much?  I of course would pay anything to make sure my son is healthy etc.  I just simply do not understand why it should cost so  much to remain so.  I feel lucky to have insurance and feel so sad for those that don't.   It really is a sad state of affairs and frankly needs a complete rehaul.  Sigh....I digress!  I will just keep on a praying about that one, lol.  
Here are a few cards that I let play out in my hands today.   They often times start to tell their own stories and build upon themselves.  Or sometimes I think about who the recepient might be for a certain card.  I wonder too where a card might end up wayyyy down the line...years later.  Stuffed away in a be discovered again by somebody new.  Kinda a fun thought!  Don't you think?  As always thanks for letting me share.  Both my cards and my meandering words.  Hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday evenings with your families.  I plan on doing some reading (nope not gonna watch the grammies)  and than off to bed.  Hope to be back in a few days.  Have some projects to catch up on for some folks.  Hugs, cherry

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Howdy!   How are you?  How has the week treated you?  My boy has been down with the crud.  He is getting better but "boy ohh boy" this crud comes with a body wracking cough.  The Dr. said many people have come down with it..just a good ole fashion cold.  Those colds can be relentless.  He also has to be seen for his heel tomorrow...he more than likely has plantar facisitis.  All of the age of 13 and falling apart.  O well...we are gonna get him patched up!  Hate to see him down though.  Any prayers would be appreciated! 

                       I have not ventured out of the house much but had to today to get groceries.  I have come home put them away and thought I would sit down a spell and show you a few cards I have created as of late.  I have now fallen in love with using yellow and pink can see it on the strawberry card.  So fresh and yummy.  Another one being good ole pink and chocolate.  I now think when you bite into a truffle it should have a pink filling!  What do you think?  Just something about the two...hmmm.. they just simply go hand in hand.    I think my next color combo might be purple and yellow.  Says spring to me...and I am all about that.  We still  have snow patches...but I am venturing forth with Spring in the heart.  I even snuck in an Easter card today.  Bunnies and chicks...doesn't get much better!  Well my lovelies...thanks so  much for your comments.  I am gonna go finds something for dinner.  Just like the dish fairy..the dinner one flew the coop!   Hugs, cherry