Monday, July 30, 2007

My new lamp!

Went into town today to do some recycling and HAD to stop at our St. Vinnies. Found this Italian marble lamp for 5.00! Snapped her right up! Need to update the lampshade but I am really not noticing that too much since the base is sooo beautiful. Here is what I put next

to the lamp. Some of my prized clocks and knick knacks. The little cards are old 1920's bridge tallies....I LOVE the artistry in them. Just got done painting the little shelf found that at a Barn Sale this weekend. Thanks for peekin and hope your Monday finds you well......OH and hope your Summer is a Happy one lol!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Benches, step stools, A-plenty!

How many benches or step stools does a woman need? At last count for me... 12. I just added the one you see in the middle of the two little red ones. It was soooo cute with its little undulating curves. Of course it had to be painted (it was a Gosh Awful seventies dark wood). Can a bench be sexy I ask..this one certainly is the Mae West of them all!!! Yes I am a sucker for the utilatarian cuties...whether it has anything to do with me being 5'2 and their handiness in helping me on my quest for drinking glasses on the second shelf..hmmmm I really don't know. All I know is they are cute and the price of 3.00 was right! I also got the old apple basket this weekend for 2.00...threw some fave check pillows of mine in and called it good. Now baskets and I have a love affair as well...but THAT is another whole story! Happy Sunday! Cherry

Friday, July 27, 2007

Alive and kicken.....and

havin some fun paintin and decorating! I am sure most have given up on me but I plan on being around more now! I quit my job (got to be to many hours etc). So thankful to be home with my son right now during the summer....we floated down the Deshutes River the other day with a neighbor friend and had some good ole fashion Summer fun! I have had some great luck at a few Estate Sales and a Barn Sale yesterday. Found some wonderful treasures. I wanted to share my latest furniture redo. Before and after pics below. I got the sideboard for 35.00. It is in great shape. This is right in our entry and I hide our mess of shoes inside the bottom cupboard. I painted and waxed it to give it a dull finish. Had a fun time dressin the top up with trinkets...hadn't done that in awhile! Everything you see except the book & lamp came from garage sales or thrift stores. Have much to share! Hope someone drops by to say Hi! cherry