Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Items Listed on Etsy..

I popped in with nothing to share...but wanted to let ya know I have added to my etsy...so please go take a peek when you can! I have had a few custom orders from my blog that i finished and was able to get a few items done also for my store. I hope to post the almost done bedroom with you tomorrow...all the painting is done! I love the clean and bright look of it. Sooo off I go now....Happpppppppy Tuesday to all you gals! XOXO, Cherry

Monday, June 22, 2009

Moving right along!

I thought I would pop in for a sec and let ya know that I am almost done with the painting...actually I WOULD be DONE DONE...but I ran out of paint and uhhhh Lowes is 40 miles away...so that will be a couple days coming till that is taken care of. Soo just one small oval shape area of the horrid lavender blue left. I did how ever start on my FAUX roman shades. I made them out of burlap....and I am loving it! The pic here is not the greatest but I think you get the gist of the look. It is after 9:00 here so the sun has set. I love how the light filters thr0ugh the burlap. The only natural light in our master is these french doors and side lights...so I don't want anything heavy. Other than that...we have moved the ole Mexicani armoire in here so that is another change....works a lot better in this space. Well that is the direction I am headed...light airy and of course vintage. I am off to bed.............the painting ..especially vaulted areas...not so good on this chick's back. XOXO, Cherry

Friday, June 19, 2009

Some Before and Afters

Little projects like this are the ones I seem to get the biggest kick out of.....they are the closest to instant gratification. I adore instant gratification...it keeps me going with the bigger projects. FOCUS CHERRY...FOCUS. I almost got rid of this little metal frame....than I got an idea to spray paint it and add a little nest charm to the middle. A little scrapbook paper to the back and it is done. It will be cute in my new bedroom. The little wood bird was found INSIDE the cigar box You see above....you know I LOVE me a cigar box...... today at a garage sale. The cigar box..said ".50....mystery box....take as is"..(I am a sucker for a good mystery)....Inside was a bunch of old seashell soap and a very strange little turtle made from seashells...NO KIDDING> MYSTERY SOLVED...... OHH and this wood bird. I kept the wood bird and sprayed her my fave red. I nestled her amongst my kitchen knick knacks.
I have had this ottoman for eons...so I sprayed her and covered the animal print with some burlap. It will also go in the bedroom. Now as many of you I was intrigued with this chicks http://thehappyhomebody.blogspot.com/2009/06/framed-pear-project.html adaptation of fruit...halved and framed. Too cute! So I did my own little version..with what the heck else??? A cherry! I love it.....Thank-you Angie for the inspiration.
Well I have held off long enough....I got more paint yesterday.....I need to get back to finishing up the paint in the bedroom. You all have a wonderful weekend......XOXO, Cherry

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Little 4th of July Celebration

While I don't have a lot of Patriotic type items to celebrate with...I have a few little items that are reminiscent of the 4th of July. So I thought I would decorate my entry table up! I made the USA BANNER and the HERO Bingo card last night with some of my scrapbooking items. Other than that I used every day pitchers and stuck some of those cheap flags (from St. Vinnies) in them. I found the vintage flag picture last year at a second hand shop...it usually hangs in my bedroom but I brought it out here. I *heart* it! I love the colors that go along with this holiday...some of my all time favorites! I think it turned out quite festive....and it cost me all of .50 cents (for two of the little flags...already had the other two). NOT bad! Happy Wednesday! XOXO, Cherry

Monday, June 15, 2009

Do you Like to be teased???

Depends on what the teasing is for me....if it has to do with possible room revamps...I am all for them! NOW if the teasing has to do with my hmmmm short comings (literally)...as to my height....that is a whole other enchilada (NOOO calling me shorty sistaaa). I have been hard at work....getting rid of that hideous...bluey lavendery color....I want to go on record as saying NOOOO I NEVER DID LIKE THAT COLOR BUT........I was stubborn....us short girls often times are. I kept thinking it will grow on me...yada yada. Plus I didn't like wasting the paint....stubborn and not a smart move..."I never said I was the sharpest tool in the shed". This is the one time the stubborn streak did not pay off. Elbow grease to the rescue again..this time a nice soft NEUTRAL. I am playing it safe...and I am liking it people. Safe is good. I first fell in love with this color over at Kim's pad http://owcl.blogspot.com/ JUST the name alone made me swoon. "malted milk"...........ahhhhhh that name! Soooo two walls down.....two to go.....and many projects....in between. The distressed bench you see I painted yesterday white and than...a very light blue (thank goodness I got that color right) and sanded it to an inch of its life...and now today a light glaze.....which is in process in the one pic. The white dresser I have added rope detail to and am going to be glazing it as well. Will share more of it as it comes along. I also have a night stand project to show. It is something we did many moons ago but I never shared it. Sooooo hopefully you enjoy the teasing today! I am off to go glaze some more!
XOXO, cherry

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Some peeks at Hunter's room...

So not the greatest lighting...in this room..but what is new? The whole house is essentially like this. It is like living in a cave. Anyhoooo I thought I would show a few pics of Hunter's room....still in progress. I figured if I didn't do it now..would I ever? There is something buggin me in this room.....for me boy's rooms are not the easiest...especially when they get to an age when they have a "say so"....I mean Star Wars runs rampant in this room. The force is strong ladies....very strong. Sooo the paint color is new..it is Ralph Laurens crabapple....and as I suspected it is not showing well on my moniter. I painted his lamps a dark navy and got new shades at Goodywill for 2.99 a shade. I splurged on his bed...it is from Jc Penny and I am VERY happy with it. The three newer pieces are the bed, desk, and his dresser....they all match but are from different places...GO FIGURE. I wanted to add a bit of vintage in here...when he allowed me too. I put an antique card table behind his globes and we are using old cigar boxes...love the colors of them... to round up his small treasures. NOOO I am not supporting smoking or cigars...we are a nicotene free family. I found a little wooden holder of some sorts and painted it red and put his initial on there. I also got some of those glass canisiters that look old and painted the lids red. They hold his baseball cards and marbles. You can see a little of the frame I made into a burlap bulletin board. I am on the look out for some cool push pins. I also use a lot of those little metal pails for his legos........ahhh those glorious legos...my feet love them to bits. I bought some of those little numbers (used for addresses) at Bi-Mart and numbered 1-3 for some fun typography. Well hopefully I will share more soon...but don't hold your breath! XOXO, cherry