Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We wish you a MERRY CHRISTmas...

I wanted to pop in one last time before Christmas comes and wish you all a VERY Merry CHRISTmas! As usual I did not get everything done I wanted too....every year things come faster and faster and I barely have time to breathe. Just a few last snippets of our humble little Christmas here. We have had a lot of snow...several storms have come and gone. We are suppose to get another tomorrow. I have much cooking/baking to do here. We have a very small family but I am looking forward to ours coming together and celebrating what is important. I hope all is well with you all and that you get safely to and from your travels abroad to family and that joy and peace surrounds you! Thank-you all for your inspiration and lovely homes this Christmas season...I have enjoyed visiting you all! Love, Cherry

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some more of the Same

I love this card Jean sent!

First off I would have to say I am never done...up until the last second. Every year I claim to myself..I will start earlier. Every year I fail to do so...or so it seems. Actually is seems that Christmas comes earlier and earlier...as does my birthday(which unfortunately is looming in two days)..but that is another story. So it is safe to say you may have another week of me sharing things. So don't say I didn't warn ya!

Have you noticed that every store just about has a dollar section? I picked up that little canvas at Joanns. I can't paint...even paint by number.. so I certainly did not use it for its intended purpose. Now paper and glue I can do..so that is what the canvas got covered with.

I also wanted to share with you these a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e kitchen towels. They were waiting for me in the mail slot today! NO kidding...someone out there sent them just because...dare I say just because they like my blog! REALLY...she even said so in the beautiful Christmas card she sent. Miss. Jean in Virginia! I love my Cherry towels. THANK-YOU SOOOOO much! You can see the pretty card too...sitting there by my chalkboard. Merry Christmas to you too Jean! I wanted to show you all where I put my Jolly blocks. I have this tin shelf that started out cream, went black, and is now red. I set them on it. The rest of my pics are mostly snippets of more Christmas, my vintage Christmas aprons and they old "egg nog" bowl....which I was happy to see in last years "Romantic Homes". It originally came with mugs as well. Maybe someday I will run across them....regardless I love it. I found FAT SANTA last week for .99 at Goodwill. He makes me smile. Of course I had to share the rest of my Santa Boot collection. I pick them up here and there.
Last night I covered one of those dollar Target frames with polka dot paper and put one of my antique postcards in it. Tied some ribbon around it and it made for a cheap decoration. Tonight was Hunter's music assembly, we bravely ventured out into the cold. Our weather has been "brain freeze" weather.....brrrrr. I hope everyone is safe and sound and warm! Those flannel sheets never sounded so sweet! Night night! Cherry

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cabin Fever

That is what we have. It has been below zero here the last couple of days...snow and just plain freeezzzzzzzzng temperatures. I had the choice between housework...and crafting. Which do you think I chose? Wanted to share a JOLLY little project with you tonight. I had my husband cut some wood into blocks...they are not perfect by any regard, which is the way I wanted them. I than went to work covering them in scrap book paper and some fun embellies. My friend came over Friday evening and shared some vinyl with me...we used my cricket to cut some words out of it. It cost next to nothing and is keeping me from going crzyyyyyy. As for my husband, child, cat, and dog....can't speak for them. Night, night. cherry

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Glitter and Gifts

I thought I would share my foyer tonight. It is now complete! I got my wonderful swap from Lynn over at http://lifeatcedarhill.blogspot.com/ . She and I were in the Very Vintage Christmas Swap at http://foxglovesfabricandfolly.blogspot.com/. I was having problems with this area because I wanted something to balance out my lamp on one side. Well when I opened my package from Lynn I screamed with delight. She had gotten me the perfect vintage looking Santa...EVER. I love him...sniff, sniff. Here he is proudly displayed along with the little acorn ornament she sent...(with a wondeful history of the acorn). He balances out this area perfectly. It is like she KNEW. Rofl. I snapped pics of the other beautiful things she sent. An adorable cherry apron (she did not know that I collect them...she is psychic people) , a little cupcake votive holder with my favorite Yankee scent Creme brulee. an adorable Santa magnet, a vintage Santa card and postcard, and that adorable bird trim (can't wait to use it on a project), a romance book, some candy that is GONE..rofl, and the sweetest journal...so shabby! I loved everything! Thank-you soooo very much Lynn! I was spoiled. I hope she loves her things!
Also today was the start of Tracy's Holiday Tour http://acottageindustry.typepad.com/a_cottage_industry/ which I joined! If you don't know about it....you better run right over.....sooo many beautiful homes decorated to the hilt for Christmas. I wanted to mention ....did you notice those sweet vintagey necklaces hanging from my forks? Those were done by http://glitterandbliss.blogspot.com/ they are so precious that I had to display them! Well I will leave you all for now....Cherry