Friday, October 24, 2008

Just a Wee project...

Does anyone know why Blogger has chosen not to let us enlarge our pics lately in edit html? I know of several of you that are also having this problem.

Halloween project..AGAIN. Hey it is still a week anywhoooo....I took one of my many barn stars and used it for a template and drew it on to some cardboard (YES ladies save those cereal boxes). I glued two layers of cardboard together so it was thicker. Used the cardboard template for the paper and glued her on. Sanded the edges (I use a cheap nail file) distressed with inks (Had several of you ask what type of inks I use, I like Tim Holtz Airiondack inks). Added some fun embellies. See the cute witch ticket? Love those! I hung it here in "my room"...oy what a mess. Hope your Friday night is rockin! Thanks sooo much for actually reading about me...and saying it was interesting. You guys are the best. Warm fuzzies! Hugs, cherry

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where have I been?

(WARNING>>>>>>>>LONG POST)...In duress that is where. So many things to do and so little time. I know many of you have had to cut back on computer can easily be a time monster. My house is a mess and there are piles everywhere. I have several awards/tags to share today. The first is from the wonderful and oh so cute she awarded me the kreative blogger award. Go check her out..the girl is smitten with Edward...she made bookmarks...twilight bookmarks..she is a can you not like a Twilight bookmark maker?

I am suppose to name 6 things I value and 6 I do not:

I value and am humbled by our God...WOW. Enough said.

I value my family....they are pretty much my everything.

I value our pets.....I know...but really I consider them apart of our little family unit. Very cheap entertainment.

I value my friends...both real life and on here in our blogosphere. Old and new alike (Kirsten) :) Ms. Rachel :)

I value the fact that in these times...I have a roof over my head and food.......

I value a really good Mexi Mocha....keeps me sane...and energized. I am a simple girl with simple needs.

6 Things I do not Value

RUDE people......rude driving...ARGH

People that talk on cell phones in cars DRIVING..sorry but boy is that a pet peeve of mine.

People that litter...throw things out their cars

That said...people who do not recycle....just plain lazy to me.

Gossip.........grew up in a small town...seen enough of it for a life time. Just keep your mouth shut. IF you can't say anything nice than. don't. say. anything. at. all.

People not open to new experiences...closed minds.

Ok next one is from Ms. Coco.... wonderful blog and decorator....check out her black fireplace surround....what more do you need?

Isn't this the prettiest little the colors! Thanks Coco!

Suppose to name 6 things about myself ............I have been putting this off...I mean I am a pretty BORING humanoid. I was also tagged to list the six things from our Ms. Jackie over at 1)I am not a morning person...I mean REALLY not a morning person...I am a horrid person in the wee morning hours, 2) I am an only child......some think that to be ODD....hmmm...I don't is kinda cool, I have no problem being alone.......but I miss having siblings...especially now. My husband is also an only I guess we make a odd couple AND a darn small family gathering. 3) My name REALLY is CHERRY. NOT sherry but the I wish I had a dollar for everytime that has been said. I have had soooo many people ask me that. 4) Grew up in a very small town....went to the same school my mother did....she had 6 in her grad. 28.Is that what they call a population boom? I think NOT> 5)I would spend hours in my very small bedroom(as a teen).....decorating....little vignettes....wall groupings...than of posters of James Dean...Sting.....latest boy craze...I once drew a HUGE PEACE sign....and hung it on my ceiling...I sooo thought that was clever ...then. Hmmmm. 6) I ADORE old movies....ever since I was Cary Grant "Arsenic and old lace" "Mr. Blandings", Natalie Wood....."This property Condemned", Myrna Loy, John Barrymore, Jimmy Steware-It's a Wonderful Life and the list goes on and on.....that said...I know I was born in the wrong era...have always felt like that. I am pretty old-fashion in some ways...I do NOT own a cell phone. OK have your eyes glazed over? Sorry but you will have to blame the taggers.

This gorgeous award is from Janelle...........have you been over to visit her? Her place is like going warm and cozy. Thanks Janelle!

Ok last but not least....My buddy Kristi...who I have got to talk to on the phone...we go way back.....tooooooo when some of us ladies were on decorating boards....anyone remember those? Are they still out there? Great Impressions??? So funny how things change anyways she tagged me. 6 things I collect

1) milkglass, 2) old English tins, 3) old transferware and ironstone, 4) tole trays...but I never find any cheap ones, 5) old papers and postcards, 6) vintage sewing notions, trims etc. Ok.....I think I covered everything. I collect ohhhh so much more...but we won't go into that. I am oh so heading towards being an old woman with too many cats and tooo many knick knacks. I pass all the awards on to everyone that takes time to visit me..there are sooo m any wonderful creative women out all deserve kudos. Thank-you ladies for the anyone still here? Speaking of collections I love silouettes.....I can't afford them....but love them. I have only acquired a few REAL ones. I love the black/white graphic quality of them. Anyways I had this small funny spot in my hallway..and have been filling it with real and faux silouettes. I took two old German Postcards of a boy and a girl...they look silouettey rofl. I framed them and added vintage black seam binding around them. I lucked out and found George at a garage sale....25 cents. OH where Oh where is Martha? I would love to find her....George is lonely. I thought I would share a small area I messed around with...moved some of my old white pottery here on the black shelf....another collection...seee destined for old knick knack woman..stuffed some Halloween postcards among them.

Lastly...have you guys seen these knarly black trees at Walmart? Only 7.00...I wish I could have gotten another...sooo fun for Halloween. Well long you guys actually read this? rofl, cherry

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I finally have an Etsy store!!!!!!!!

The nester over at is having a Homemade Holiday Gala...and it was the PERFECT NUDGE FOR ME to start my own little itty bitty Etsy store. I know I have not been around in almost a week...I have much to post..including awards, fun tags, and other projects...which I will get to this week.. but wanted to share now that I finally have an Etsy store here... I have posted two Christmas items (Christmas items you say, yes...?). I thought I would share some photos of them here. I am having problems sizing my photos over there. It is just a miracle that I could get any type of shop front going on. I have several ideas in the works . I would love your opinion on what you think of my little items.. and any help on Etsy would be very much appreciated. I will be floating around tomorrow and hope to come visit you all! Hugs, cherry

Friday, October 17, 2008

Rockin Halloween Party over at

a Fanciful Twist! Go check it out! Lots of hobgoblin goin on. I will be back later to day with a post. Happy Saturday All. cherry

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More images showing Halloween is on its merry way!

Wanted to let ya know the little man is doing much better and went back to school yesterday. He has a little bit to catch up on but is back to himself. Thanks for all the well wishes!

Now I know you may be growing weary already of Halloween scenes..hmmm? I still have things to share so I apologize..right here and now. SO. SORRY. Sound sincere? Believe me I have not done near the things I wanted too....some will have to wait till next year. My mind is already thinking Christmas...I know I know. Slap me now! I nestled some fake pumpkins in this old chicken feeder and put it in our kitchen window. I like the fact that this can be used up till Thanksgiving. My neighbor gave me the chicken feeder and of course those are pumpkins from Goodwill & Dollar all in all a whopping 4.00 was spent. Not bad. Than you have the hurkin long "jeepers creepers" banner......I made it soooo stinkin long I have no place to put it. I wanted it to hang from the top of the mirror...but nope TOOO long. I sprayed some jingle bells black and sparkled them up and added them to every other letter. The black cat Halloween greeetings is from a local store here called "The Outpost"....1.00 is all it was.. but I wanted it to look old so I took some brown shoe polish and went over it and than sanded the heck out of it. I think it looks more authentic now....more "Faux Old".... Miss. Shannon over at "Bless our Nest" inspired me with her little framed Halloween pumpkin so I found a thrift frame and did one myself. I used pop dots to make it 3d. Soooo it is looking a little more eerie here everyday! Hugs, cherry

Sunday, October 12, 2008

All that glitters...

Is really glittery...even my hair has glitter in it. My pics are not that great but I wanted to share a few things this evening. I glittered some paper mache pumpkins and made a glitterey candy corn cone. I did some Dollar store skeletons as well. Lots of glittery fun. I think I will be making more of the glittery candy corn cones....would be great for treat holders. Happy Sunday all & thanks for the well wishes for son. He is feeling better, but has developed a keep him in your prayers please. Cherry

Friday, October 10, 2008

Forever and a Day...

At least that is what it seems like to me...since I posted last. Son is doing better....poor guy had a fever, sore throat, achiness, (horrible congestion, thought you ought to know)and one night he vomited all over our bed ): Mother-in-law is leaving tomorrow. I did not mean to leave the impression that I don't like her....she just is what southerner's would say in hushed whispers...."eccentric". Some of the things she does gets on my nerves. She is a bit ...clearing throat.. uncivilized. But I digress..

I am not done with my Halloween glad I started early....insert sarcasm...because it really helped. Day late dollar short as usual. I thought I would show what I have been up to at night while mother-in-law watches her shows...."wheel of fortune"....etc. Little plaque "stocking feet please"...turned it into a little Hall0ween plaque. A little decorating taking place here and there. Keys to our underground dungeon...everyone should have at least one. Underground dungeon that is. The "Scaredy Cat" was made by the fantastic Rosemary over at I adore him! I put out a few French flashcards....Afraid and Spirit...fitting for this season. I got a few new candles and burned one crumb cake...from Stephen's Candlery...the BEST CAKE CANDLES EVER. Hope to get the rest done over the weekend. Hope everyone is doing well this weekend night......we have had light snow flurries here....go figure! xoox,cherry