Monday, November 24, 2008

Starting on the Christmas Crafts...

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching...I can hear the clock a ticking. I had a few gal pals over this past weekend for some crafting....I think we talked and laughed more than we created. I had started these two crafts over the weekend (my husband was gone Friday and Saturday hunting)and finally got them finished. This was my first time using clay...I really enjoyed it and can see me using it again in the future. The face is formed by yours truly. I formed the cheeks and made a carrot nose and painted the eyes. I painted her white first and added glitter into the paint. I wanted her to look OLD. So I antiqued the head and distressed it to make it look worn. This is similiar to my Halloween tussy mussy. I added some millinery flowers and a hand-painted glass birdy...that perches on her hat. I added wings & a lopsided cone hat using a vintage like sheet music paper. She ended up being quite large...over 18" in length. I am pretty happy with her "snow angel" whimsy!

The other little project is a know I love me a banner! I used chipboard with images of snowflakes and vintage looking santa images. I used good old Martha glitter...I Love her glitter.. to cover the snowflakes. I plan on making more of be forewarned. If anyone is interested in buying one of these please let me know! Email me at (Banner is 20.00 + shipping and the snow angel is 30.00 plus shipping) I really want to keep these...but if there is an interest...I can make more (: Thanks for taking a peek! I hope everybody is doing well and getting ready for turkey day! Cherry

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A little beadboard project & a question to you all!

I have these little niches on either side of our microhood. I would love to go hog wild and paint my cabinets etc (I would love a mixture of a distressed cream and black cabs, sigh)...BUT not gonna happen at the moment. We had leftover beadboard and I decided to FORCE my dh to cut some down to size and I painted it black and put it in the back of the cubbies for some POPPPP. I love to collect ironstone...especially pitchers and plates and I thought this would make a great back drop. Now my question to you is do you think we should do the sides as well? OHHH and what about down below.. behind the dish racks. Boy howdy I just love how things snow ball. PLEASE leave me some being able to get some bloggy advice from my blog buds. I notice in the pics you can't really tell that it is beadboard.....hopefully you get the idea!

Before I go wanted to show where I put my vinyl decals at! I decided to put them above the doors leading to our master. Thanks again Miss. Carmen. Also here are the directions to making the paper pumpkins I showed yesterday. Hopefully you can read them. They are very easy to make! Basically strips of paper with a hole at each end (paper hole puncher would work great) with ribbon through the holes and a leaf at the top. Would make great name cards for Thanksgiving dinner. Happppy Wednesday.......turkey day is not far off. cherry

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prizes, Paper Playing, Projects, & a sweet surprise!

Now I have a lot to share and you are forwarn here! I got the loveliest surprise from!!!!!! Stacey sent me an old Cherry flashcard! I love it Stacey! Thank-you so much...and my husband thanks you....rofl...I think he lost some hearing yesterday when I screamed with delight. I was lucky enough to win a few blog give-aways as of late and wanted to share them with you. I won a fun family vinyl decal from Carmen at as you can see she also sent a long some beautiful Thanksgiving vintage type images..that I will def. be using in my crafts and a lovely home-made card. Thanks Carmen! Than as if that was not enough...Vanessa from sent me this sweet holiday house that I can't wait to frou frou up! I also was a proud recepient of a few of her gorgeous cards she makes herself....thank-you soooo much Vanessa! It has been like an early Christmas around here! I have been one spoiled little wench folks!
I wanted to also share a few of my projects...I made these "HOME" tags last night and set them in some old frogs. I think since I have been spending so much time at spend less money that way...that word came to mind. Now if you know me in real life you would know that I can be a bit of a candle snob.....BUT.....I can't declare that anymore! I have fallen in love with a 2.00 little winner...made by............clearing of throat.....AGHAST....GLADE. YES>>> dear ones...I said it... GLADE. If I lose a few readers with those words..I will understand. Their fresh linen....smells I swear to the heavens just like Yankee's clean linen......I. KID. YOU. NOT. They also claim they have real bonafide essential oils....anywhoooo.....I have bought two and they smell great. Soooo I took off the GLADE label and made my own. Just wrapped old vintage sheet music around them and tied some jute and a pharmacy label around it. Now I can't stop there...I am on a I was about to recycle the packaging that the vinyl words came in...I had an Arsenio Hall moment........HMMMMM. So instead of recycling it I thought this could be SUMPTIN> I covered it with papers and changed out the ribbons and added and tweaked...and when Christmas gets closer I will put some greenery in it and hang it from a door knob. Now the box I got second hand a few weeks back. I was attracted to the metal knob and the little metal tab..and heck people I have a weakness for boxes anyways. The top just was not doin anything for me so I cut some fabric and covered it up and stamped photos and added it to the tab and the rest is history. Ohhh almost forgot...the pumpkin is made from paper as well. Cut in equal length strips. A hole in made on both ends and you pull ribbon through to make the shape. I actually won that from a Stampen Up party a few weeks back...very easy to make...I have the directions if anyone is interested. That is it for me...sorry soooooo stinkin lengthy. cherry

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank-you, thank-you!



I appreciate the many prayers and lifting up of spirit! I read each and every comment. Thank-you so much. I wanted to share one of my first Christmas boxes. I am putting this up for sale. If anyone is interested just email me 21.00 plus shipping. I may put a few on etsy..not sure. There is stitching , flocked snow, and red glitter on the box...vintage style papers and a vintage bird ornament. I made a tag that says Merry and aged it. Also I made a shabby style Mama/baby bird ensemble....could be used for an ornament or hung from a knob. They have glittered wings and hang from old ribbons. Mama bird has a little sign that says...believe. 10.00 plus shipping.

I wanted to show a small portion of Hunter's party. I got the idea for the cupcakes from Miss. Rachel I asked each party goer to write something about Hunter and displayed the silly pic of him on the table. They all got a big kick out of the silly pics of Hunter...especially Hunter. I will be back soon with a few small projects I want to share. xoxo, cherry