Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The picture up above is our jumping off point.....we were to create something with red, white, and blue.  NOOO problem for me.   I adore that color scheme.   I decided to not do somthing that screamed the 4th....since the 4th is over.  I just took that color combo and ran with it creating a little old fashion plaque that reminds me of motto prints with the birds flying and the sentiment "Come fly with me".  The birdies chipboard is from the ARTSY URBAN LINE ...I also used their gorgeous papers, glass brads, and their sweet big chunky buttons.  I actually took the brad and put it through the button using the button as a little frame.  I added some more buttons ( I can't NOT use buttons, it's against my religion), and a double layered doily.  Simple but Oh so sweet little project.  Thanks for peekin!  XOXO, Cherry

Monday, July 26, 2010

Retro baby......

                Just popping in for a bit....had to share a bit of what I have been creating lately.  Sweet retro gals...domestic goddess's for ssssssssure!   Just some yumminess for the Monday blues....rainstorms here...cloudy dismal day.   These colors just brighten me right up....and adding cherries never hurt.   I also had to add some vintage sparkler rhinestone buttons I found at an antique mall this past weekend.  They go hand in hand don't ya think?     Hope some of y ou all have some sunshine where you are at!   Hugs, cherry

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Create Beauty Everywhere....

          Maybe it sounds hokey...but you can create beauty everywhere.   Even if it is just picking up a grocery cart in the parking lot of a local five and dime....create your own personal beauty.   Leave things a little better than you found them.  That is what I take from it.  Simple wisdom.  Plant a flower....arrange some teacups....just do something that makes you say..."ahhhh".   For me today...I let myself bask in the sunshine that came through my window...sat back in my little slipcover chair (that really needs to be taken to be cleaned, note to self) and I created my personal beauty.  With paper and scissors and glue.  That is all it took for me.  I did not leave my house today...no running errands...or running in circles.  I needed it too.  The house maybe in a  bit of shambles...dishes...but that is ok with me...at least for today.  What is your own personal beauty? So this is my share for today...some sweet cards that made me smile..hope they do you too.    Have a wonderful Friday evening my friends! OHHH NANABETH....do you have a blog?   Xoxo, cherry   
 *********...all the lovely seambinding you see is all from dear Patsy..over at Prarie Bird Boutique
http://www.etsy.com/shop/PrairieBirdBoutique *************** and many of the images are from my dearest Crafty Secrets....will never get enough of them.  http://www.craftysecrets.com/

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Somethings just don't go as planned...

I have to laugh when looking at some of these cards I made...especially the lemonaid one...when things don't go as planned you just have to make your lemons into lemonaid....ey?  With out getting into every thing that occurred on our camping trip......what could go wrong did...I got lost when trying to find the camp spot,  one of the boys that went with us got car sick..not 1 but 5 times, once we found where we were going the lake was PACKED...one spot left....and uh...I lost my parents....they were suppose to have already been there and gotten the spot and they were not even there.   A little mad cap adventure it was.  They had the silverware...and a few other MUST HAVE ITEMS.  Sooo I jetted back out...I say that loosely because back out was not just DOWN the ROAD to get a little bit of civilization in the form of silverware.  Anyways...we toughed it out one night....and WE DID HAVE FUN around the campfire telling tales...and swimming...laughing....and just plain being silly.  Yesterday we packed it up and headed home since we did not have everything crucial for the long stay.  Once home I had to unwind and I did by making cards.  I notice a bit of a theme in some of them...bright, cheery, full of a little uplifting...which is JUST WHAT I NEEDED. Which makes me wonder... How do you unwind?   What turns your frown into a smile?  Would love to know!  As for my parents?  Let's just say there was a bit of miscommunication......some things JUST DON't GO AS PLANNED.  Hugs to you all.......have a UPLIFTING MONDAY! OHHH and really you JUST THINK YOU SEE ANOTHER HALLOWEEN CARD...really it is just a figment of your imagination. All this gorgeous seambinding is from my fave http://www.etsy.com/shop/PrairieBirdBoutique again...can't get enough of her ribbons....yum yum yum. If you havn't yet gotten  any....what ya waiting for?  XoXo, Cherry

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