Sunday, May 31, 2009

The winner is .............

OHHHH Miss..... Debbie??? Where thou art you......??? (Is that how that goes??) My son drew you out of a tupperware bowl.....come on down!!!!!!! Congrats and hope you enjoy your goodies! NOW if you really like that Family sign (I know some of you had a hard time finding the family signs) I put one in my etsy shop. I have also added a few other goodies....go take a peek. I wish I could send out something to everyone...but the budget does not allow....I appreciate everyone taking the time to enter and thanks to Sweet Kim for hosting this event. Have a wonderful Sunday folks! xoxo, cherry

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cottage Charm Give-away

I am late and ALMOST a dollar short..but never the less back just the same. I have a few goodies to give-away! I am joining up with Kim in her annual Cottage Charm give-away! On May 30th...everyone who has joined in the give-away will pick a winner on their blog entries. If you have not gone over ...go NOW (BUT wait JOIN my give-away first).....there are some great gifts being given away! So first up is one of my Family signs of my fave projects from long ago (check it out here . )Many of you have tried this project yourself...but for the ones who have you go. Also one of my fave candy tins from England (one of my fave cottage things to collect) the colors. I of course had to throw in something Cherrylicious.....sooo how about some Cherry pencils? Lastly a bannner in pinks, greens, and browns. It of course spells out COTTAGE. The banner is made from antique sheet music. I used vintage brown seam binding at the ends and added some buttons. Well there you go short and sweet. Like many give-aways....if you post my give-away on your blog I will throw your name in twice....heck lets make it three times....triple the chance. You have till make sure to comment on this post. OHHHH and who ever makes the 3rd comment on this post...I will send out a little something something! Good luck. cherry

Monday, May 18, 2009

Not much to

share! ): I did how ever want to pop in and tell you that I am in the process of making a few things so that I can partake in the up coming "cottage charm" give-away! I will be posting my give-away in a few please be patient. I am only working at got to 90 here yesterday! HOT mama! It went from one extreme to another. Other than that I have added some new items to my ETSY if you care to take a peek! Would love to have you check them out. Will be back soon! XO XO, cherry

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Down in ole Mexico

NO I am not heading that way.... I just thought I would share my Spanish style armoire...turned kinda cottagey shabby...whatevvvvvvvva (it has identity crisis)! I am not done with her. Come on admit had one of these at one time. I just LOVED that rustic look it had. I even had the matching...(aghast) end tables. I stopped short of owning the coffee table folks. Now she has already gone through one make-over several years back in my MAJOR harlequin phase. I painted her white and did harlequin diamonds on the sides and the doors & added the appliques. You can still that wonderful feature on the doors. NOW I have just gone all white...still has the appliques. To be honest I am not really a big applique gal any more. I like things plainer the older I get. But I am afraid the appliques are on for good.... I will give her another coat and distress the heck out of her and probley call it good. I have thought of getting rid of it..but ....can't afford to replace it. And Darn is made really well. So I have just tried to fit it in with my current style. Make it bend to my will so to speak. I messed around with my junk on the inside of it. Played house a bit. It is a fun piece to display items in. So there you have it. Do you have a piece you could give a second glance too? Think twice before throwing it out! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's day! OHHH I thought I would show you all WHY I can't make the bed in the morning! 6 letters...CALVIN! Well that's my story anyways. XOXO, Cherry

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It Started innocently

enough. It really did! You find one little treasure, in this instance a brown transferware pitcher (3.00 ladies)...before you know it you have cleared your whole entry buffet off (at least it gave me a chance to dust)....moved small chairs around. Than you decide the artwork isn't right anymore on either that changes. Than you think hmmm I need some I switch the ribbon on the wreath and decide to make a pillow (I say MAKE loosely here) I actually took an old feedsack and wrapped it around a bolster insert and tied some jute on either ends. NO sewing. I like it...may be a bit HICK for some of you...but it works for me! Than you realize Wham....several hours have passed. I have more important things to do...I truly do! I can blame this phenomena on my mother.....she could buy a new dish towel...and wham all the kitchen counters became cleared and everything got cleaned and changed. It doesn't take much for me. I feel a bit rip van winkle...and all because of a silly little pitcher. Ahhh well! Evening folks! XOXO, Cherry

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sweet Little Blessings in the Mail Today!

Happpppy Hump Day to all! I hope everyone around the country is enjoying Spring weather....unfortunately here....that is NOT the case. We have had an abnormal amount of rain here in Central Oregon....AND Gulp.........SNOW...YES snow in May. We have actually had it on the 4th of July..but that is a whole other bowl of beans. Well as I had the old mantra "rain, rain, go away"....stuck in my head..I headed on down to the mail box. I must say the sunshine came out in full swing when I saw I had two sweet little packages from two dear ladies! Dear Ceekay..from sent me the sweetest Cherry Pie towel AND the cutest tag.....I had to show their new home! Thank-you sooo much Ceekay...I love them both! I will def. be using the recipe on the towel too! As if that was not enough Tricia Anne over at made me do a jig when I saw the lovely toile package she sent me full of old postcards and an adorable vintage sewing kit that she inherited from her have no idea the smile that was on my face Trish when I saw that. It is very special and I will cherish it! Sooo here are a few pics of the homes of these gifts from the heart....I had fun finding special little nooks for it all. You two ladies made my day and I think you from MY heart!
Other than that today I just snapped a few pics of a custom order banner that I finished for someone....I thought I would give her a sneek was a whoppin 16 letters, it spells out "The Flower Cottage"...I enjoyed making it and LOVED working with these colors. Sooo bright and happy with the vintagey patterns and colors! I am going to go now and try to finish up organizing here in my little studio! XOXO, Cherry