Monday, April 27, 2009

Like Usual...

Like usual...Here are some willy nilly NOT in order photos...from around the house. Whatever struck my fancy. I was playing around with the camara today. I wanted to share one of my new pieces for my etsy store "You ought to be in pictures" that fab roaring 20's gal! I added some neat old buttons, rhinestones, an old earring, and stick pin. I will be adding a few things today over at my etsy store if you care to take a gander. Mother's Day is coming up!
Awhile back sweet Becky of and I did a fun swap with each other. She made me the sweetest pennant banner EVER and a heart sachet that smells devine, it even has a cherry charm on it! She also spoiled me with a wonderful old birdy (I collect these type) and a wee little Russian nesting doll keychain. She also threw in candy (all gone) and buttons!!!!!! I had the banner in my craft room...where I was NOT giving it any justice....this room is a mess at the moment...I won't even try to explain that one. Sooo I moved it in here to my white hutch...where it sassed the joint up a bit. Can I just say Becky is a very talented seamstress...I know many of you know that... but she really can rock the sewing machine! Thanks again Missssssss. Becky!
I wanted to show my old milk cap collection I now have an on going love affair with. A new silouette I found awhile ago thrifting, new plate, new silverware.....ALL thrifted of course. I nestled some clock faces in a flower frog and put them in my tart pan cloche combo! I found the purse this weekend at a garage sale for a 1.00. The white hen had been my husband's grandmother's...I folded some towels and put it in the old hen. I just love to add these little details to things...hope you enjoy them too! Well that is about it....for now. XOXO, Cherry

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another addition

Leave if you don't want to peek...just one thing I added to etsy. I only have one thing left in there and the polka dot bird was getting lonely in the store. So I added this. I love this hanging from my little fencing. I am still planning a give-away...but we are doing so much of what is down below...(My dh is helping coach) I havn't had time to share several house being sonny boy's room. So hang in there with me...purty please! XOXO, Cherry

Monday, April 20, 2009

Giggle, giggle, so happy!

I just wanted to express my appreciation to you all for supporting me! I FINALLY got my Etsy up and going....listed 4 items people, 4 items! That is monumental..for me. You can see it ovaaaaaaaaaaa there to the left. If you care to take a gander I would truly be thrilled. I have had quite a few people emailing me where my etsy sorry! She is there now, lol. I have many things in my head that I want to create and share! I will on occasion show a few things here..but hope to keep this mostly about decorating & my before and afters etc. etc. so it does NOT become a "store" of sorts. In honor of getting my etsy up and going....if you do go ahead and purchase something I will throw in a little something extra. It will be at my discretion...and whim...but will be cute never the less. This is only for my bloggy buddies! I also plan to have a has been keep peekin in! Since I have to have a pic with my post I will just show case one of my pieces for sale. Tomorrow...back to the original programming! Thanks soooo much everyone! Hugs, cherry

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just a little something...

today from yours truly! A little art piece I made with a sweet nostalgic touch. Do you remember playing "Pocket full of Posies" ? I do! Would be a great day to play it here....the temps have actually reached the 60's today and the sun is out in all its glory. AS if that was not enough to make me smile...I saw some of my flowers peeking their shy little heads up out of the earth. YEA!!!!! Sooo I hope all of you are out and about drinking in this lovely Saturday! Please let me know what you think of this piece...another idea for etsy! I value your opinions. You can email me at if you are interested. Thank-you so much for the interest in the banners and my other little glad to know people enjoy my silly creations. XOXO, Cherry

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Art Projects, a few finds, and a warning

I have found myself almost afraid of venturing on here after our virus scare. We came so close to losing all our pictures (I was in scrapbooker wants to hear those words) & the aggravation of feeling completely lost has had me questioning my blog & the use of our computer. Any little click you make could put you in danger. Opening any forwards from friends, who may have a virus, and not know it. Using a hard drive to back your pictures up can also be a liability....because IF you have a virus.. you can also back up that lovely little germ. Not to mention the cost. Did I mention the virus we had actually made pig squeals and had women screaming out of the speaker? OHHH YES IT DID! This thing seemed to be possessed and had a mind of its own. Where did we get it? Who knows...just being on here is its own liability. I am not trying to scare anyone....JUST SAYING.
Sooo whats a girl to do? Well....take a deep breath and move on. Keep the chin up and hope for the best. Adding some mega anti-virus protection doesn't hurt. Also knowing most people do not mean harm..and are decent and well intentioned helps. I will just be more careful of deleting my cookies and temp files etc. more often. So this girl got back into her paper groove and got a few things that have been creeping around her head created. I made two Summer that was for a customer and the other is one I hope to sell in Etsy. I love this new pennant design...I added old milk cap logos to it and the papers are so cheerful and have a great vintage quality to them. There are cherries and a flour logo, reminscent of days gone by. I also made a sweet "he loves me, loves me not" art piece to put in my etsy store. If anyone is interested email me at . I hope to get a few more pieces made and put them in my store. I am very slow. Other than that a few finds from the thrift store round out my post for the day. Found some lovely white ironstone type pieces and a french type basket that I am officially in love with. The little recipe card holder I plan to redo. What a shock...I know. Hopefully I will not be too shy and get back to my normal posting. I love to share and to visit all of you. Which I need to do right about goodbye! Cherry