Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Corner Revisited

Some of you may remember this corner of my home with this old garage sale table. I had painted it this past Summer (last Summer seems eons ago), black. Well no news flash...she is still black. Like many of you I get the urge to change things up a bit. This time of year can be soo dreary in this part of the country. I needed something a little more Springy. I have had this cute little white shelf thingy (for lack of a better word) I got at a garage sale. I didn't know where to put her. I decided to take down the wall shelf that had been above the little table and paint the white shelf thingy (anyone have a better term for it?) to mesh better with the table. So out came my little bottle of acrylic paint and she became black as well. Now they are harmonious and make quite a pair! I got out some of my birdies....they may be making their debut a bit early..but who cares. I displayed a skeleton key on a ball of twine, set out some of my fave old books, (the top one was my great-grandmother's book), out came my silly little bee skein and she is good to go! Now this corner makes me smile and takes a way a bit of the Winter duldrums! Take that old man Winter! XOXO, cherry

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some thrift finds and a project or two or three!

Silver plated sweet little vase...50 cents.Frame 25% off...1.50 will be redoing this of course!

Red scale 15.00 ...early Valentine gift from my Mom...I have always wanted a red scale..but they have been spendy....this was worth the wait.

Square wreath with fruit..2.00! Will hang with some toile ribbon from mirror.

Milk glass urn piece 3.00....will fill with my stamps.

Vintage cherries...1.00! Of course I HAD to have these.

Little mini frames in varied colors...a dollar!

Project #1

Project #2

Project #3

I have been away for a bit because of a heavy heart....I just have not felt like blogging. Some horrible things have come to pass in the past week. I can't go any further with out saying I have felt such sorrow for our friend Becky over at . I am sure many of you know she lost her son last week. I just don't understand why these things happen but I know that it brings me closer to my faith when they do. Sure makes you realize your REALLY not in control of your future or those you love. It is all up to the grace of God when he decides to bring you home. If you have not done so yet...please go and say a prayer for Becky and her family right now. Keep her in your thoughts and your heart.
Also I discovered today that this family also is in need of prayers , their sweet baby girl Cora died of cancer. I am not familiar with the family but felt sooo touched by their story. So please go visit them and say some prayers.....there are some broken hearts out there that need some healing.
I have a few finds to share tonight and a few projects. Of course two of them involve paper...what a surprise..right? HA! A little crown frame I did...wrapped with Cherry paper. The little colorful frames were found in the dollar section of Michaels. I used one of my rubber stamps and did a crown and just framed it. Simple dimple. The last one...was a bit harder. I painted harlequins on an old bulletin board I found while thrifting . It cost me 2.00 so I was not afraid to try something different with it. I painted the cork white first, than drew my lines for the diamonds...(measuring of course) , and painted inside the line with some left over red. It did not come out perfect but works for now. For the cost of 2.00 and paint that was just lying around I have a new look. Soooo I think that is it for me tonight. I hope to get to visit many of you soon....I am behind...again! xoxo, cherry

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Progress HO!


I screwed in curtain finials to hang things from. VERY CHEAP.

As per norm...things always take longer than you think. I don't even make promises to myself as to when my studio might be complete. However things have been coming along. I have a long to do list....and as the craft list gets shorter the laundry pile gets bigger...something always gets neglected. Today I thought I would share the odds and ends that did get done. I got this little bureau at a church bazaar last Summer. I painted it awhile back but just got the little feet on it today. It is in the craft room now decked out with a few little LOVE touches. I found the little angel wings at Walmart after Christmas for .25 cents and I thought...perfect for Valentines Day. I painted them red and glittered them and hot glued them to a little Victorian heart I got at JoAnns. Now that whole little grouping just makes me smile!
I also got my shelf freshly painted. The shelf and the little brackets came from a thrift store , both the shelf and brackets ran me a whole 1.00. I added some curtain finials (which I already had)...just screwed them into the bottom part of the shelf. Now I have places to hang things. I like to pick up old wooden hangers when I can and I use them to display my scrapbook layouts. I just switch them out when the mood strikes me. The basket hangs on the middle is full of fun stuff. I have a thing for old stationary when I come across it. Of course I had to make a heart for in here...(I think I will give this one to my hubby...see it says (SWEETHEART)Pstttt don't worry he won't even notice it....he is oblivious to such things. So that is it for now. I am exhausted..did not sleep last night. xoxo, cherry

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Curious Assortment...

A hodge podge -Definition meaning any jumbled mixture; mess; medley

Yep...that about sums up this post. Actually that sums up my brain right about now. As usual I don't have some insightful clever concise little write-up here. Just an assortment of things. I have been finishing up more orders this week...two more to go and send out. My house is in shabbles. I am behind in some awards and a thank-you for a lovely little gift from a talented gal over at See that adorable coffee cozy? She makes them. She made a whole whoppin bunch of them and sent them out to a whole whoppin bunch of people. Yeah she's sweet that way! I thank-you and my coffee mug does too! Now my mug is stylin in the toile. Also above there in some order are some more crafts/orders.

Some more playin with the camara in this dark dank dungeon we call home. NO natural light. Also Miss. Andrea from over at is in the process of doing a kitchen redo...she wanted to see my black island. So here she is Andrea. She is a humble one (we were suppose to have a built-in but that is yet another thing the builder messed up)from JC. Penny. I painted her black..she was white. I added a few appliques to her and that is it.

At the bottom are a few thrift finds an adorable milk glass bowl for 1.50!!!! A monogram B linen tea towel. Stands for Bomb jiggety.. pretty sure. Yeah anyway..movin right along. A book with the sweetest illustrations...50 cents. I know I broke the bank on that one. A child's shoe mold and a tole tray. So there you go! Did I just completely confuse you with all the jumbleness? ....I am off to least I got another post in the same an hour! xoxo, cherry