Monday, May 31, 2010

Just a swingin..........

Does anyone remember that song??? Any country folk out there?  I made another swing card....this time for a lady that said it reminded her of her daughter and her flowing long blonde hair.  What a sweet memory to recall!  The rooster card is also a custom card...hope she likes it!  The rest are just for fun..and just because!  Did you all have a good Memorial Day?  Our little town puts up flag poles every several feet down our main is awesome.  God Bless all that have fought for this Country!  Happy Memorial Day!  Cherry

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kitschy kitchen goodies

              Had some fun making some retro type cards.....using bright colors..and added a milkcap from my coveted stash of vintage milkcaps.  LOVE them.  Thanks so much to those who have gone over and said hi at "Where Women Create".   Can't wait to see who wins!  Thought I would just pop in with my latest little cards!    Hope all is well this Memorial Day weekend for you all!  I am sure many of you are gone having fun..kicking off Summer to the fullest.   Feel sorry for me would you ....home alone!  lol,  Cherry

Friday, May 28, 2010

Please come see me over at Where Women Create!

 Hit the link ladies!     I am giving away two of my art plaques over there one featuring gorgeous GCD Studios product!  ...make sure to sign up!  hugs, cherry

Please come see me over at Where Women Create!

 Hit the link ladies!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Do you like color?  Do you want to taste the rainbow? Specifically the color pink?  Our theme project this month was to be inspired by color blending by using paints, paper, etc.   Using bright happy colors!  JUST my style!  This is my take on it.  I embraced my pink power...with this fine little lady!  I showed my graduation of color by taking three different papers from the Homespun Chic line that all had slightly different variations of the color pink. I than cut them into strips and folded them into a rosette.  I also decided to break out the glitter and defined the flower with an antique parchment color. Of course there was inking involved as well.  So that is my color creation!  I think she turned out pretty sassy!  I used a combination of Homespun chic and Artsy Urban...and of course they blend seamlessly.  I added some tea-stained ribbon and a vintage wooden spool with of course PINK thread to  the top.   She is ready to hang somewhere happily!  Xoxo, Cherry

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can't it make up its mind..............

      Unlike my card...happiness is not in the cards today!  Can't the weather make up its mind????  Rain, sun, rain, sun...snow.......!!!!  We have yet to have REAL Spring weather.  I am wondering if Summer will ever really come.  We have thunder today..  well......I just don't know what to think about it.   At least I can have Spring weather in my mind....and on my cards.   Bright and happy!  That's what it is all about!   I wanted to let you all know that on Friday I will be featured over at "Where Women Create"        ....I am giving away a little goody!  So please go check it out and leave a comment for me!

Monday, May 24, 2010

It all started with a

            Nope no romantic notions here....didn't start with a started with this gorgeous (to me) antique picnic basket I found last week while out thrifting. Funny how those things happen...hmmm?  I love the texture....the tactile sense of baskets.....and the simple fact you can store junk in them doesn't hurt either. 
This one caught my eye in a new to me thrift store the other was sitting at the top of a book shelf looking neglected.  I grabbed it and felt a longing to display it proudly...somewhere.  See I have been  trying to get myself back to my love of sprucing and decorating...which has always been my first love.   This basket just might be my ticket.  I forgot the little world I fall into when I nest for myself.....I actually started humming a tune....I started with a bit of dusting...and a clean slate.  Took everything off my entry cabinet...and started playing house.   It made me happy as a clam to "create" via a display.   I ask myself this..what was I waiting for?   Why the procrastination?  So what if this is not my "forever home"....  it does not have to be.  Sure we.. like so many others out there... have had tight budgets the last year.  There are many things I would love to change about this house..or just simply move.  It isn't in the cards right now.  Sooo I am going to try to appreciate this roof over my head and love it a little.   No cards today friends!  Just a picnic basket.  Hugs to you all!  XOXO, CHerry