Friday, August 27, 2010

Material Girl.....

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........material girl...these cards are as close as I get to that.   I am very low maintenance!   Just the same I LOVE all of these images....from Crafty Secrets.  Love sewing even though I do very little of it lately.   Something so nostalgic and heart warming about it.  The sound of the machine....the calming motion of the stitching.  Love to add it to my paper.  Homespun goodness!  These are things I have made in the past few days...thought I would do a second post today...since we will be leaving soon to visit Mickey Mouse and I won't be around.   Several cards using old vintage style images..some stamping (which I really want to get more into) the expressions used on these cards!  The last project is using a new diecut I picked up yesterday...scallop frame.  I am in love with it.  I decided to do one of my beloved altered frames with it.  I made it kinda shadow boxy....with depth.   Loved how it turned out.  Well that is it for tonight.  You might see a few more things from dh is leaving me for hunting season and I will probley fill some of my time with more paper before I leave for our vacation.  We will see!  HOpe you all have a wonderful weekend.  Hugs, cherry


          We were to be inspired by polka of my many weaknesses.  I used GCD Studios Homespun chick, artsy urban, and a pinch of Independence....    Just some fun shabby cards using my fave gals...these are actually the diecut borders that I put together to create "two free spirits".   Used Melody Ross's yummy chipboard...nice and sturdy.  The other card I used the journal this birdy image...that says fly.  I created my own little envelope using Homespun chic papers.   Added some of my fave toppings....lace, seambinding, and a little millinary flower.   Hope you like my take on polka dots.   Xoxo, cherry

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


        back from vacation!  Three days of constant activity ....hussle bussle.....ahhhhhhhhh.  We took in Phantom of the Opera which was AWESOME!  Rode some roller coasters....ate too much heavy food...CHEESECAKE FACTORY..yum!  Glad to be home!   I had to get right to work...I had one of my most fave Etsy friends send me some library type antique advertisement pieces....each one shows someone reading.  She wanted me to make them for her library at work for display....I HAD A BALL DOING THESE!  THOSE IMAGES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL.   Why don't they make things like that anymore?  Anyways wanted to share them.   I also had to play with some fun cottagey type into some things I had for awhile that I forgot about.  Love how sometimes things just fall into place like they are meant to be.     Well I have packages to send out...housework...and more laundry to catch up on.   Next week my son and I leave for excited!  Hugs to you all and I have hopes that your Summer is dwindling down sweetly for you all!   cherry

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to school part two and vacation time!

Well this is it for school cards....I just could not help myself...I found more school images in my stash and just had to create with them.  Something about the whimsical animals, the sweet school kids, and the memories it brings.  The last two cards were just because.....I had a few new pieces of paper I wanted to play with and the images worked perfectly with them.   I will leave you with these cards and bid adiu.....(did I spell that right)?   my family and I are going on a much need vacation to Nevada.  Sooo excited.   Since I am leaving and won't be about a sale in my etsy shop? 

AN end of the Summer sale sounds good to me.  I will be marking all older items down....extremely low!  Better grab them while you can.   When I get back I hope to start adding more holiday goodies and want to make room for them.  Well I am off to pack!  Hugs to you all...see you sometime next week! xoxxo, Cherry