Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Peer pressure proves to be NOT so problematic

Ok so I broke under the pressure. I told myself I would NOT put out a single thing nada zilch....nope not gonna do it. NO FALL/HALLOWEEN decor until after Labor Day. But than came along this creative little ensemble
and this sweet little treat and these cuter than the real thing and this gorgeous centerpiece
and oh so many more..............I broke. I simply broke down. What's a girl to do? If you can't beat em join em. Sooooo since I will be gone up till Labor Day I thought it would be ok to bring out a few Dollar Tree pumpkins and pinecones from the yard. Of course I had to share my new black lab print with you all. I fell in love with it among several other dog prints at a little decor store while on vacation. Would have liked to bring home all of them...but since we have a lab this one fit the bill. I plan on making a burlap table runner for right here but just sat it under the basket for now. I was thrilled the other day to get my little package from Ms. Susie the sweetest little mini gourd. Fits right in. Of course she added a few dilectible little of which is tied to one of my pumpkins. Well there you have it...the start of my Fall decor. You all gone and made me do it! Happy over the hump day! xoxo, cherry

Monday, August 25, 2008

Late to the party...

Hopefully fashionably late...rofl. We did not get back till late last night. So here are a few of my NOT black paint projects for .............. Paint outside the black box party. For your viewing pleasure we have banner red, apple green, and sky blue. All of these were fun colors to use and I heartily reco. them all. I painted a fleur de lis red, a finial green....both of these had been black. Had to throw in my new little "no place like home" sign I got at Homegoods while on vacation. I had this little wooden type tray and went red with it and sat my pears on it. I got this old Chinese water jug at an estate sale last was lavender and beat up. I spray painted it the sky blue and decoupaged paper and ribbon to it. I also spray painted the little rosette had been white. That is a new bird that I had to add to my bird it. I threw in the red birds...I painted those over a year ago...they had been a nasty gold with diamond eyes...!!!!!! And just to prove I am a rebel( James Dean doesn't have nuttin on me)......I sprayed an Avon Eiffel tower glass perfume bottle black...the other little Eiffel tower was lonely and the black just fit. Really it did. Thanks Miss. Joy for having this fun party....fumes and all. Off to go visit everyone's spray paint projects. cherry

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Art....My Way.

So maybe Picasso would turn in his grave seeing my "proposed art"...but hey it works for me. I am one that has a hard time drawing a stick figure.. so real art isn't gonna happen in my household. But with a little imagination and some supplies the sky is the limit . I gathered up what I had around the house and went to work. The one think I love about scrapbooking is it can be used for sooo many things...other than layouts. I used my old stamps that I got at the garage sale to stamp the C. I thought the font was cute. This is in my craft room so my initial works well here. I found that black frame as is on Tuesday at St. Vinnies for .50 and framed some scrapbook paper, buttons, and a little French enamel piece that says Family. The bird art is just a chipboard oval frame covered with paper, a diecut bird silhouette, seam binding, and more buttons. The oval frames were painted out and one I put a pearl initial in (from Michaels dollar section) hung it with ribbon and a vintage belt loop and the other is a rub on and more buttons. I have a few more projects like this to do but the ones you see took less than a few hours of playing around last night around midnight. I am a night owl. Boy am I gonna miss my late night frolics when school starts. Sigh...... I will be gone for the next couple of days on vacation. Going to the beach so I won't be around. I am excited to do a little shopping and sight seeing. Will miss you guys and hope you like my lo0se interpretation of art. What do you have lying around the house that could be art? Rofl, cherry I wanted to add a thank-you to Angela over at for giving me this award

I give it out to all my blog buddies....I feel so blessed to be apart of such a kindred fellowship. Thanks Angela!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A new lease on life...

Remember this table from the weekend? She was a sad lonely ole wallflower...If you look there closely.. she had an ugly linoleum that I pried off along with a nice particle board that took some prying as well....UCK! I discovered a great old worn top to her. I went over her with some black bleeepppp (sorry Joy) paint and sanded the heck out of her to show some of the old color and now she has a lovely little black dress on! There is my new little twig basket on the second shelf...I put some of my G. Grandmother's old books in it. Love her little legs..she likes to show off her legs....
Here she is before I dressed her up with knick knacks.
Oh and there is the bee skein...

sorry so many pics...this table ain't shy anymore...oh there's the stamps I got...put them in an old jar. Mr. Black Bird stands watch over them. Oh look he spelled out something for us...oh yes Mr. Black bird we know you are a B-I-R-D.

This is the other cabinet I got...I brought it home last night. I LOVE the old worn out white....Keeping it this way. I could never duplicate this in a million the inside is still the original wood. I will give her a good scrub to get the grub off. What do you think I should do to the inside? Cover with paper maybe? Paint it a complimentary color? Let me know what you think. I could have screamed with delight when she told me what she wanted for it. She didn't want to take anything less than 12.00. GULP.. 12.00. yep you read it right...12.00. I told her...."ummm yeah I think I can do that" my most steady nonchalant voice. This puppy is old....looks like an old depression cabinet. Has 4 shelves that go with it. Def. handmade and quite hefty and sturdy.
I am thinking a tassel would look good right about here..on the little hardware knob...what do you think?

Found a home for two of the plates with an old shoe form.

Sorry I had to start merchandising...I found this old needlepoint w/ a black background and it was stretched out to much to do anything with it so I cut it down and framed it. Some keys in an old salt dip.

I am really wishing I had some old quilts...I have one of my grandmothers and that is it. Hmmmmm. maybe a new collection will start. I really think the inside needs to brighten up a bit to make things pop more. Please let me know what you think! I just love giving things a new lease on life! Happy Tuesday all, cherry