Monday, November 23, 2009

Give-away post celebration!

Hey there hi there! I have a special give-away...from the talented she has kindly offered to give-away one of her scrumptious necklaces.....this one ... which she has most generously offered to personalize. Awesome give-away HUH??? If you have never visited MUST do so! Awesome and unique Christmas gifts over at her store. So if you want a chance comment right here!
I will leave you with my newest additions to my etsy store ....I have been working like one of Santa's elfs . Having snooowwwwww much fun .....hehheeee oops......... sorry got snow on the brain...but we do have 8" of snow right now... and I am sure that is just the beginning. Have a wonderful evening... xoxo, cherry

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cards, cards.....did I say cards??

That is all I have to share today...been in a card crazy frenzy. Stay tuned for a give-away on Friday...and it isn't something from me you will want to def. check it out! The first pic is what got me going on some of these card color combos....LOVE the combo of greens and vivid reds. I snapped this the other day in our front the berries! Well this is short and sweet.............OHHHHH and I am getting spam so I may to go to the code thingy ma sorry I don't like them either....does anyone know how delete anon...comments????? anyone please...????? I don't like being a sponser for Mens errrr helpers...OYYYYYYYYYVAYYYYYY. It really makes me mad. XOOX, cherry

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas goodies...

More and more of them..I just can't help is my fave holiday and everything is just a bit more special and magical as we get closer and closer to the season. I love creating for this holiday....I think I could create year round for Christmas..and sadly I only have the rest of Nov. and early Dec...which makes me pout a bit. To top it has been SNOWING HERE ALL AFTERNOON. Snow has had an influence on the holiday mood. I hope that sharing these goodies with you helps you get a bit excited for the coming holiday....I try really hard to not neglect Thanksgiving..truly I is important..but I have a tendency toward negligence...please don't hold it against me. I have sat out a few little Thanksgiving touches in my home and need to share them soon! But I digress....
THIS my fellow chums is my 200th post....I am a bit flighty with this blog gets in the way from time to time so I never thought I would ever get to 200. So if anyone feels like celebrating with me...I will be doing a give-away shortly...something with Christmas Cheer for sure! I am off to snuggle....craft....again....smiles....and watch Vampire Diaries this snowy evening(hooked line and sinker) with my buddy Hunt! Hugs to all, Cherry

Monday, November 9, 2009

Custom Fun, Cards, and a 12th birthday!

Well this past weekend my son turned 12!!!!!!!!!! I had him and a bunch of friends over for the weekend. KEYWORD for the celebration was LEGOS...boy how those boys love their legos...keeps them busy for hours. That is all my son asked for for his birthday....legos. They all had a blast....but me and the house are a bit tired. I wanted to share my birthday boy with you and some custom pieces I did for some customers the past few days. I also was able to make a few cards..which I LOVE doing! A few were for a customer...I enjoyed doing them and hope she likes them! I wanted to also remind you that this is my 199th post......which means the next one is the 200th...I can't believe I made it this far. As I said I will be doing a give-away to celebrate. I hope everyone's MOnday is a good one...not too manic. I have had a few prayer requests from some blog friends and be assured I am praying for you and yours! Xoxo, Cherry

Monday, November 2, 2009

Some new Christmas goodies

Did everyone have a fun Halloween? We did! Went to a fun little haunted house that benefits a local highschool, trick or treated (which will probley be my son's last year...SIGH), and than went to a neighbors costume party. Ohh we made some yummy caramel apples too...I put melted chocolate on top. ONLY problem.....I almost lost my teeth.....eghads. Well....time to put the Halloween goodies away....and get ready for Thanksgiving. I of course have another holiday on the fave Christmas. Here are some of my latest creations. I wanted to alert you that I am getting very near my 200th post....which means a give-away! It will of course be a Christmas item....I just can't help it. I LOVE Christmas! Well off to do actual housework. XOXO, Cherry