Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You ever run blank......

With a title for your blog post?   My mind is blank at the moment...getting quite tired.  Cleaning cleaning..and more cleaning.  It is that time of year....although you would not know it can't make its mind up if it wants to be Winter or Spring.   One minute it is sunny...the is snowing.  I am still trudging forth with Spring.  Using lots of greens....which I just can't get enough of....yellows.....creams.   I can't help myself.  I got some fun of course created some new goodies.   How do you all like the new blogger upgrade...I am assuming there has been one since I download way faster and enlarging is a breeze.   Well I am off to take it easy...can't wait till Happy town tonight...I hope it is a good ole fashion mystery like last years Harper's Island which I LOVEd;     Hugs to you all!  xoxo, cherryGo over quick to our facebook page to win the gorgoeus HOMESPUN CHIC PAPERPAD frm GCD STUDIOS!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


        Hi ya!  It is time for another fun project using my GCD Studios products.  This time we had a challenge to use feathers and/or silk in our work.  Our jumping off point were these stunning inspiration pics up above.....we were to create a light and airy feeling..a feeling of Spring.   I think of fresh saturated colors...melons and raspberries....(can you tell I am looking forward to the fruit season?) I decided I wanted to do a couple of cards.   I used their Homespun chic line and the Artsy Urban line....both designed by the fab Melody Ross! Here are the products I used in these particular cards.   Homespun chic recipe cards (adore these),  Artsy Urban vintage brads, Artsy Urban metal brads (like little pieces of art), Artsy Urban Journal cards, Homespun chic diecut borders, Artsy Urban glitter chipboard, and Artsy Urban transparency designs.    The flowers I made are diecuts...ran through my Sizzix machine.....layers and layers of silk and tissue (for bulk). The first card...just loved joining the two sentiments together.  I thought it was fitting...and a lifting of spirit...just like Spring.   When I thought of feathers...I automatically thought...BIRDS.  So that was my jump start on my second card.   I wanted the bird to seem like she was ready for take off....almost like the card captured her in mid air.  Yes...I always am telling a bit of a story with my cards.  Or maybe I just have too much imagination.   I added some of my fave crinkled seam binding...and inked her up...I wanted a distressed imperfect look.  There you have it!  Hope you enjoyed my take on the project! XoXo, Cherry

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Love you Mama!

             Short but oh so your Mama!  I have happily been  making Mother's Day cards.  So fun...because I can make them as feminine as I want! The first one is made from an old Child's book illustration.....babies following their Mama!   I also made a kitty cat the image..and one with a sweet little boy and girl...looking with wonder at nature.   Because YES Spring has sprung!  I am giddy with it!  I hear our birds singing and our frogs are croakin....sure sign Summer is on its way.  Today is my Dad's 71st birthday...we are taking him out for a nice dinner.   Love my Pa too!   I hope everyone is having a brilliant Saturday.....hugs to you all!  xoxo, cherry

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blustery and windy

           She is outside.  Remember I thought Spring had sprung????  False alarm I guesss.  It was snowing this morning and windy as all get out! It literally bent our newly planted trees completely horizontal!  I saved them though!   I guess it is great card making weather though.  Here are my latest creations.  Trying some different things here.....LOVE my Charlotte doll!  Perfect for Mother's day I think...   Well I am off to run some errands...didn't know if I would be able to leave the house..but it has melted all the snow.  Hugs to you all!  xoox, cherry