Sunday, January 16, 2011

Magistical Memories...

                             Everything is quiet on the home front so I popped in here for a minute or two to share a Magistical Memories project using the Cara Scroll designed by Nicole Lombardo.  I actually just cut this in half (will use the other part for another project).  I painted it and glittered it up.  I tucked my sweet little images amongst the scrolls.  I just love these stinkin romantic and perfect for Valentine's day!  Hope you like!  Hugs, cherry

Friday, January 14, 2011

altered state of mind

Love to take things and make them my own....put my own stamp on it so to speak.  Altering is def. my fave thing in the paper art world.  Taking something plain jane and embellishing it to fit in with your decorating style or customize it for someone special.   Toooo cool!  Just two little projects tonight that started out kraft and ended up soft and sweet.   Are you altering anything of your own?  Do share! 
Other than that ...I am counting down the days...6 to be exact before I get to venture off to a new a little traveling and get the heck out of dodge..and the heck out of the snow.  Give you a little is tropical.   Sigh...........can't wait!  Well my duckies that is it for me this friday evening.  Hugs, cherry

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Helllllllo Sunday afternoon.......

Slept in today........stayed curled up in bed....several layers of covers keeping me toasty warm..along with a purring cat....because that is what you are SUPPOSE to do on a lazy Sunday.  Every so often it is good for the soul.  Hope some of you got to rest today as well.  I have a few more little cards to share with you today.  More pinks and celery greens...which I can't get enough of.  That combination just inspires me.  Of course so does the varigated wrinkle ribbons from here.....especially her color up above.. that green.  Encourages me Spring IS coming.  Really she is....I just know it. 
So what are your lofty goals .for this year concerning crafting?  For me it is to use my stamps more.  I love them....but they intimidate me to no end!  I have  many of them...they are a weakness.....and darn tooten I am going to use them.   I used a few on two of the cards above....and no one was hurt in the process.  So that encourages me!  Thank you to those that wished me well....I am getting there.  Well I will leave you to wht is left of this quiet Sunday....I am off to organzie a bit.  That is always another lofty goal for me each new year. Here's to putting things back in their proper place!   Hugs, cherry

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lovey Dovey..

Yes........lovey dovey....corny mushy....I love it all!  Don't you?  Hmmmmm soft colors...muted colors....shabby, distressed, worn, tattered.  Love it all and never see me getting tired of it.  But alas....I lead a double life....I also love color although you won't see it today.  Today is a dreamy lovely Saturday and it calls for the colors of days gone by.   I have been bundled up inside....have not been feeling well for the last week or so.  Keeping a low profile and devouring a lot of soup.  My joints have been giving me fits.  Winters settled in for sure.  Last couple of days though the scissors have called to me and I have played and played...and played a little more.   I have more to show but do not want to scare you away with an over load.  Hope you enjoy taking a peek....and hope you are enjoying your Wintery weekend.  I just KNOW Spring is not too far off.....I say this with it snowing outside.  A girl can dream though..right?   Hugs to you all, Cherry

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ohhhhh How I adore thee........

                        Why all you of course...but I also have a little adoration for the new January kit ADORE at Cupcards to Go  janurary kit.   I have been asked to join their design team...and I am a bit over the moon!  How could I not join with such a sweeet delectible name like that?  This kit is full of sweetness just in time for Valentines Day!  You better grab one for yourself and get busy making some yummy cards for those you love.  I thought I would share a few sneaky peekys with you!  Hope you enjoy!  Cherry