Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gifts from blog friends, new thrifted transerware, and a gargatouan trip

If that title confuses you don't feel bad. It is just how my brain is running as of late. It is what happens when you condense several posts in one. The Mexi Mocha iced coffee MIGHT have something to do with it as well. Ok first of all.......I just found out I am going on a cross-country trip...Oregon to Connecticut, Connecticut to Pennsylavania....all by a senior bus. Enter a funny VISIAL........ Than from Pennsylavania to Georgia by airplane. From Georgia up back to Oregon by bus again. Going with a friend that takes rigs to different car lots. I will be gone 2 weeks.........phewwwww. I will see sooo many states. I couldn't turn the opportunity down. Now here is where I ask a favor of you. PLEASE pray for us! I have not been on a plane since my honeymoon to Florida in 96....I am deathly afraid of them. We had turbolence and after 9/ fears just got worse. I may have to ask for something from my Dr. I know that I need to just trust in God...but fear has a way of bamboozling its way back in. OHHH any rec. for places to see... would be appreciated! I wont have a lot of extra time but will be able to fit a few things in. We will be going through Colorado, Idaho, Ohio, kansas, ketucky, indiana, tennessee, a little of New York, and who knows the others. I am delirious with excitement and A LOT of bitter-sweetness. I have never been away from my son for this long. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Anybody willing to pat my back right now? I would be ever so grateful. I have to do this though....I feel compelled to do this. I don't know when I will ever get a chance to do something like this again. boy o boy. Ok now for the gifts. I was the lucky recipient of a beautiful Betty Crocker cookbook from Robyn at . Go visit Robyn...she has a lovely, lovely blog! Her and her dh Jim just moved into a new home. She made me the prettiest card! Thank-you soooo much Robyn! I also was lucky enough to meet Michelle ...who graciously sent me some hydrangia. I had posted a trade on my site and Michelle was sweet enough to oblige. She now has a blog! Go visit her at I see today Michelle has posted a yummy recipe! Better check it out. I wanted to share a smidgion of my new thrifted transferware. It is the prettiest shade of green...kinda brownish green. Looks sooo pretty with my hydrangia...don't ya think Michelle. Well I will leave you alone for now.....sorry so long-winded. I am sure many things spelled wrong so pardon me. xoxo, cherry

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Karla at Karla's Cottage is having a

Romantic Country Party today. She wants to know what we love about our own homes. If you would like to join in...go check her out! Now while I can't say I love everything about MY home....there are many things that I do. First off having family in it...hearing laughter...that makes me happy. Having things that were made with my Mom's afghans she has made me ( Our cat Lawrence is cozied up in one of them). I love texture.... baskets, wicker, & my burlap drapes. I have to have color....reds, greens, black, creams & any other color that tickles my fancy . Having my house go through processes of discovery...keeps me inspired. My projects bring me joy. My latest is the apple green shutters I turned into a mini partition using some old hinges. I antiqued it a bit with some brown shoe polish. Whimsy is at at the heart of my home I think. I don't like my home to get too stuffy or serious. Adding some ole croquet balls to a cloche is my remedy to that! While it sounds funny I think whimsy adds romance. Of course family pets (our cat Lawrence) make our house a home. Family photos, & all my "stuff", add the coziness that I find endearing. There are times when I fight with "I have too much". I want a lighter, cleaner look but I can't seem to ever get there. Honestly that look never comes easy to me. I naturally gravitate towards things, lol. Interestingly enough even my scrapbooking is the same. Lots of embellishments..... all the bells and whistles I guess is what I love about our home.....they tell our story. cherry

Friday, September 21, 2007

I have entered into the sweet yellow rose contest...

Hosted by Polly at ... . She is giving away a beautiful vintage umbrella with what else? Yellow roses of course. I so love that umbrella.....I could sleep with it...yes I could! It is judged by Which is an awesome blog....check out the camper decked in cherries and lucious red. Now I discovered something that was kinda neat about this whole idea. It really brought the creativity out! When you are limited in what you can use....and I definately was (I had only a few things with yellow roses) you have to find different ways to display the same things. I kinda think this would be cool to do on a weekly basis using something different each week. Of course we could take turns sponsering the winner's gift. Anyways....this was really fun and different. Thank-you gals for coming up with was cool using a lot of yellow. I am having some tech. difficulties and will not be able to post anymore dang computer! Hope this is enough for now. I am on dial up and it is really is frustrating. I hope this gets in on time......cherry

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Well it's about time.....

I give back to so many of you that come and take the time to visit me! This will be my 50th post...which I didn't know if I would ever get to. For several months I worked and neglected my little blog. I am so happy to have come back! I have met some amazing & wonderful blog friends. You all are so kind and generous! There is sooo much inspiration & creativity out there amongst all of you..I feel honored to be a small part of that. Anyone is welcome to post if you are interested in my give-away. Lurkers and regulars alike...I hope some of you that have never posted will come out and play! We would all love to meet you. Ok now for the "stuff". Nothing fancy here...mind you...but some fun little treasures. I am giving away a sweet little vintage post card holder. I wanted to give something that I made, so I made up two little tags. The black/white polka dot one will have the winner's first inital on it. I have a C there for an example. Also a little vintage brooch with faux pearls. I love the combo of black/white so I had to have a bit of that thrown enamel sign that says BUTTER. I have it hung by black/white gingham of course! There is a darling little milk glass embossed vase and a small plate with red/white ribbon. I threw in some old red/white pom pom fringe & vintage white polka dot sheer fabric. There is also a vintage faux bird and a Homer Laughlin sugar container w/ out its lid..which to me makes it no less sweet. OF course I had to throw in something Cherry so there is a little red wall pocket with embroidered cherries. I tied some great twill ribbon to it, to foof it up a bit. Last but not least a small embroidered doiley, an itsy bitsy cloche, and a retro pink/black potholder. I may throw in a few more things as the week progresses. Just leave your reply on this post. I will have my son Hunter draw a week from today! Again thank-you soooo all are blessings to me! XoXo, cherry

Monday, September 17, 2007

The other side........

of the bookcase that is! Shell overkill? Been finding little glass ones here and there and dig them. So all I can say is bear with me! I tucked a postcard with what else...a seashell in one of was an old postcard of my grannies. Wanted to alert you that I will be doing a give away soon for my 50th post! Take Care All! Stay tuned.....xoxo, cherry

Saturday, September 15, 2007

My terrific thrifty haul....

My head did a 360 yesterday when at Goodwill I found the old yellow tin canisters. They have the sweetest painted flowers on them! The complete set was only 6.99! I thought I don't care if I don't find anything else........ I am a happy woman. My thrifty mojo was going strong though... because I also found the old plaid picnic basket for 6.00 and the aqua blue trays! They were .50 a piece and the little dog and glass seashells. The cheese plates I had seen online before and had always admired them. I only took two of a 4 piece set. Found the little glass pitcher? Not sure if that is what it is but it has a little lip to pour something. It has the word "ours" etched on it. Does anyone know what it was used for? I have seen them before but not with words on them. Also found some pretty plates and two old santa mugs not shown. Anyways this maybe one of my last hauls with winter coming so it ended well. Our thrift stores in the local vicinity slow down quite a bit (not as many people donating) during the Winter. Hope everyone is doing well on this almost Autumn weekend. Happy weekend all! xoxo, cherry

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bookshelves & Pictures...

These are some bookshelves in our family room. I have filled them with family pictures, old books, camaras, a dog or two, a seashell or two, and more books. Simple but homey I think. The last picture is of my Mom when she was a little girl. My grand-father was an amatuer photographer and I think had a good eye. I have many of his photos and adore all of them. He died when I was only 7. I love this photo of my mother. I hung a little skeleton key of the frame for fun. Thanks for peekin! xoxo, cherry

Monday, September 10, 2007

Our Monday has come and almost gone. All the days seem to do that with a momentum of their own. Rather frightens me at times...does it you? So to stop and do a little "fluffing" of one's crooks and crannies helps to slowwwwww down the pace a bit. Enjoy the fruits of our treasure hunting! Here is a little corner of my itty bitty dining area. Yummy ole cookbooks with the perfect faded colors , today's discovery....the cherry plates, and the little blue basket encompassing it all. The ole metal cannisters are sure to not be missed with the sweet birds and cherries. I so enjoy the pop of yellow on the knobs! To stop and really enjoy little vignettes you have made in your home soothes the soul. In doing so you naturally slow down. I appreciate this slowing down. These little areas just plain make me smile. Hope yours bring a smile to your face! xoxo, Cherry