Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break Fun and Goodies...

Hi there...sorry I had no clue I would be gone so long! Spring Break hit and other misc. things in life came up and once again I am behind blogging. I wanted to share a few items I found the last couple of weeks....thrifting and clearanced out in some of my fave haunts. White tray from Target in clearance section. The tall glass cloche type thingy is from Tj's. The rest is thrifted from Goodwill. The matelasse shams are Restoration Hardware...2.99 for the pair...also some white pottery to add to my growing collection. My FAVE find though is the Waverly Ticking shower curtain (Target still carries it for a mere 32.99) I got mine for a mere 4.99...WHAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Cleaned her up and ironed it. Hung it today and did some cleaning in the bathroom. Thought I would share a few pics of it clean and primped a bit.
Also a few family pics of sonny boy and the dog....on our outing to the Oregon coast. Surf, sand, and clam chowder. Great combo. We flew son's kite for the first time...what childish fun! I threw in a few pics of a special order NEST banner I did for someone and a little tag I made last night. I have so much fun making these banners. Anyways that is all from me. I really over did it with the cleaning...please no snickers...I am exhausted. I have a few more orders to get off to work I go again. As always XOXO, Cherry

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just a little sharing


I found this baking scallopy "thing a ma jing" (that is slang for I do not know what the heck it is) out thrifting awhile back and knew it would make the perfect bottom to a cloche. I sprayed it IN my laundry room with black spray paint....yeah I know...FUMES are NOT healthy. It is snowing here people...not prime spray painting season. The real moral here is DO NOT DISMISS the baking section in the thrift stores for decorating gadgets, you just never know. The little birdies on the bathtub were .99 ....soooo tweet. Dotcha think?
Ok...moving along... Our good friend Jean (she does not have a blog yet) who many of you know, wanted a few custom items for her new office area. I was more than happy to oblige. She wanted some initials for her new work blues, creams, and yellows. She is a vintage lover as well so I embellished her letters with some vintage swiss dot fabric and old buttons. I also made her one of my little birdy plaques with a key for a wing. I just thought I would share these projects with ya before I turn in go read "the host"..that I am now addicted too. I can hardly lay it down. I guess that is good...because to be down right honest with you...i have not felt like doing a darn thing today....I am having a "Sloth day"...I had more to share..and quite frankly I am lazy. So that is it...nuttin to exciten...but I guess better than nuttin. Yes I really do know how to spell those words. Night night and have a lovely Sunday tomorrow! XOXO, Cherry

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hippity Hoppity...

Easter will soon be on its way! Got some of my Easter decor out...I don't have tons. I admit I am not a big pastel girl. Especially pinks and yellows. LOVE greens & blues. I embraced it as well as I could though. Here is the outcome in this area. Placed my cake stand here for now. I think it will eventually end up in my craft room. My chalk ware duckies needed a little something so I made little Easter greeting tags for their necks. I put my tiny little chalk ware sheep under a little cloche. I love my old Whitman framed it for a whoppin 1.00 at a garage sale...AND the cool thing is I have my Mom's antique Whitman candy tin (you can see it in one of the pics). I moved the SPRING banner in here as well. Well hope to share a few more Easter areas in the next few days. I am off to TRY to finish dear sonny boy's room. "I think I can, I think I can". XOXO, cherry

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Little Spring for Sale

Spring birdy with skeleton key for wing 13.00 includes pack. and shipping SOLD

30.00 includes pack & shipping SOLD

26.00 includes pack & shipping SOLD
You know me and paper... we can't live with out each other for long. I decided to make a few items and put them up for sale here. I LOVE to make banners...and a girl can only have so many in her own home. All three projects hearken towards Spring but the birdy plaque and nest banner could be left out all year long. Sooo if you want to add a bit of Spring time to your decor...this might be the ticket. The NEST banner is all in reds/blacks w/ polka dot ribbon and measures over 40" with ribbon. The SPRING banner has blues, pinks, & creams with vintage German sheet music as a background. There are flowers and vintage buttons on it as well. It measures over 50". They both have scallops on the edges and as I do with all my paper projects I use quality chipboard on the back so the papers do not wrinkle or crinkle. The birdy plaque is on a scallop flower and has a skeleton key for a wing and a pink polka dot background and hangs from vintage crochet ribbon. I always plan to make more items and put them in my etsy shop..but never get around to it. I can't seem to resize my photos right and need some type of photo shop software to do it. So if you are interested just convoy me by email. I also do custom orders so email me with any questions.
I also wanted to share a cake stand I made. I bought two of these odd finial type thingies at a church garage sale for .75 and finally used one of them(had them for several years). I cut the finial down to make a flat surface. I found the wooden circle at Goodwill last week and decided to cover it with vintage inspired papers. I used a scallop for the edges and inked and painted and now it makes a whimsical plate stand. Well that is it for me today. Happpppppy Tuesday! XOXO, Cherry