Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Oh NO she has gone and done it!

Yep she has gone and done it (yes I was speaking of myself in the 3rd person..I think the paint fumes may have gone to my head). I painted my dining chairs red. My signature red that I love so! I love it! They now have a nice contrast to my white table. But...... as many of you know these things can open a can of worms. Now that the chairs are red....sigh....I am not so sure about my black shelf unit on wall. I like a little black here and there but I think red, white, and now the black may be to much for my little space here( better break out some more red paint please, see below). AND if that wasn't enough.. I don't like the seats being natural wood(poly'd them long ago) sooo they need sanding OR slipcovered. Which way you think I am leaning on that one? Eghaaaaaaaaads....YES she has gone and done it! xoxo, cherry

Monday, August 27, 2007

Reviving my spirits with trinkets...

How was your weekend? My Saturday was spent in the hurried crowds ...last minute grabs for pencils, pens, and peachies. I really wonder WHY I attempt Walmart at all....I felt like I had been thrown into a lion's den. Actually I think a lion would be more polite than some of the people I came across. Luckily I only had a few things to get and my son and I were out of Dodge! Our plan was to finish school clothes shopping. Our mission was thankfully completed. With all the stressful hullaballooo I had to of course wind down a bit by stopping by a few antique stores and a second-hand store or two. There was some HEAVY sighing going on from an impatient 9yr. old but that didn't stop me. I just bribed him with a promise of a good ole ice cream soda from Goodies. IT did the trick. I found the red robin...with the perfect worn finish for .50. The rooster was a 2.00 find and while the measuring cups are not old.. I had to have them. They are from a little shop here in our town called Twigs and I had been eyeing them for awhile and finally splurged. The ole wicker purse really perked me up and is now happyily hanging with my other
purses. The buttons were actually found by my son. He knows how I love buttons. There was a lovely old French medicine cabinet full of them. Every shape, size, and color! The shop keeper told me these were hand-painted in France. I plan to put them on a little lamp shade I have. At .25 a piece I really wish I had gotten more of them. Last but not least I found the table cloth which I plan on combining with some gingham and making some simple curtains for my kitchen. I don't find vintage tablecloths around here very often so that was a happy find! It doesn't take much to make me a happy camper! Happy Monday All! xoxo, cherry

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Garage Sale finds continued..

Found this cute little children's chair...sat my new vintage tablecloth pillow from Ebay on it. I actually found something that I don't feel compelled to paint over...go figure! I was extremely jacked to find the green scale! I now have 4 of these...want to find a red one and than I am done...I think. The red tin is newly acquired as has squirrels AND a birdie...who can say NO to that? The seven up crate & glass rolling pin are new to me as is the plates! Thanks for letting me share in my finds! cherry

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Some finds from our Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale

I did well at the garage sale I had...enough to buy a new vacuum which was my goal. I had a little leftover and of course found some gems from some neighbors. Here are some things I couldn't say no to. Any rec. on vacuums would be appreciated. I have been looking at the Eureka Boss, it got good ratings on Our old one is a Hoover Windtunnel and it has lasted a good 9 yrs. What are your views on bagless versus bags? The old picnic basket is HUGE & I couldn't resist the hat for a 1.00. The suitcases have seen many an telling from the labels and grime....but oHHHH how I love them. The black one still has the keys and says "Victoria's suitcase". The sweet Dutch children work so well with my marble lamp! Of course the keys on a ring cought my eye for a whoppin .50. I have more I will share tomorrow! So fun to not have to even leave my neighborhood and find the type of things I love and cherish! Terrific Tuesday to all! xoxo, cherry

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I am doing a whole lot

of NOTHING..... ! Went to church, came home, made some brunch, and whoile.....laid around the rest of the day! I am not sure whether I should feel really rested or reallllllllllly guilty. I laid in my bed and lazily watched old movies on Turner. First the Carpet Baggers with George Peppard (Jeese he is a meanie in this movie) and than Shane with Alan Ladd (what a hero of a cowboy). Of course there was some snoozing here and there. A little magazine reading. My son has a friend over so they have occupied each other quite well. So no big Mommy duties at the moment. I have much to do and little ambition. I have a neighborhood garage sale to prepare for. The house is truly a mess! O'well as Scarlett said...."Tomorrow is another Day". To bad I didn't have Tara to decorate and fuss over.....sigh........Hope everyone's Monday isn't too Manic. cherry

Friday, August 10, 2007

Finding new friends....and rediscovering old ones ...

Every usual....I water my flowers I went to turn the faucet on.. here sat Mr. Tree Frog perched upon the spicket. This time of year in Central Oregon is the time for frog hunting and wonderful sounds of crickets in the evening. Yep Summer...she is a winding down. When you have a 9 year old boy you make quick friends with the frogs. You turn giddy with the excitement of finding another them new homes in the back yard pond. You talk to them and examine their sleek bodies. I love to see such fascination in my child and to have him help me rediscover mine. Simple good times....exploration in your own many little adventures to be had right at home. cherry

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Measuring sticks Infatuation............. heard me right....I said it.... I am smitten as a kitten with Them. Not the silver shiny metal stanley tape type....nahhhh. Got to have the old worn numbers wooden jointed beauties. And beauties they are in their simpleness. Practical yet graphic. I am sure my fondness for numbers has something to do with my attraction. They are fun to shape....OR not. Anyway... I like them. Hope you do too! cherry

Monday, August 6, 2007

Here and There....vignettes

Back from the seashore! Had a lot of fun! We went to a few places I hadn't visited since I was a child...and this time I got to view them through my child's eyes which was such a joy! We got to venture into Heceta Head Lighthouse which was interesting and hear about the isolated pioneers who braved the lonlieness and storms above the sea. We went to Sea Lion Caves and went down into the biggest sea cave in the United States. The Sea Lions didn't let us down with their antics and territorial shenaggagins! I of course made a little time to shop against the disapproval of my son and dh... Here is a little doggie I couldn't say NO to at a antique mall at the coast. I think he seems right at home on some old childrens school books from the 30's. I was lucky to inherit some old greeting/occasion cards that my great grand-dad Lions gave to my grandma Sophie...their old anniversary cards etc. so it kinda got me on a kick of picking them up here and there when I find them unused as well. I enjoy their nostalgia and sweetness. I displayed one in the old flower frog. The second pic of the young man is Grand-dad Lions in his prime! The old tin sign I found at an estate sale...I like its quirkiness. I added a pic of a newer rooster I picked up in Sumptner, Oregon. It is the one and only big flea market I get to attend. Hope everyone's week is full of Summer Sun and fun! cherry

Friday, August 3, 2007

Camping & entry wall trays..

what a combination! Leaving to camp at the Oregon Coast for a few days but wanted to show you the antique trays I got in Crescent City, CA a few weeks ago. Got them hung and am enjoying their old patina! Happy Weekend All! cherry

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I got it made in the shade....

Lamp shade that is! I actually got the ole sewing machine out yesterday and made a slipcover for my lamp shade. Used the instructions in Romantic Sewing for the post part. Please pray for me that I don't succumb to Decorating ADD and end up not finishing the lamp on the other bed side table! I am VERY guilty of that at times....although I am trying really hard not to be. Follow through Cherry...follow through....... Wonderful Wednesday to All! cherry