Monday, July 27, 2009

With a cherry on top!

That sums up how I felt last week about my life! Last week I got the most recent issue of "ARTFUL BLOGGING" I am sure you have surmised..this gal (ME, insert MAJAAAAAAAAAr giddiness) has been published! This hick from the sticks! This ever so regular gal actually got to write an article and have several of her photos from here shared in this wonderful magazine. Six whole wonderful delicious pages. I am a little ecstatic...bare with me. So that is my big "cat out of the bag" was sooo hard keeping my flapper tight....but she is out! I hope you will share in my sweet, silly, happy moment. To celebrate it...I want to do a give-away...but I WANT you all to tell me what you want! Give me some ideas gals! PLEASE do not be shy.....lurkers...COME FORTH. This is an equal opportunity give-away! Of course we are not talking store bought....something home made by me. I will give you all a week to comment on what you would like to win. If you have never checked this mag out...go to your nearest Barnes and Noble, Michaels, is too die for gorgeous.... There are several bloggers in this issue I am sure you are familiar with.... I will leave you with a few new items/images I have added to etsy....maybe it is something you would like to win......:) Thanks for letting me share my sweet blog buddies! XOXO, Cherry

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A wonderful surprise from Ms. Debbie and my weekend garage sale finds!

Hello there Summer dwellers.....I thought I would show you a sweet surprise from Ms. Debbie from she won my last give-away and was so kind and sent me something back! Of course there are CHERRIES...too cute. Had fun playing with them on my table with my rooster. I do believe she made the tablerunner! Thank-you soooo much Debbie girl! I LOVE them all! I also thought I would share the few items I got from the "lady down the street"....sounds like a paper back novel from the 70's doesn't it? I could have bought MANY items from her but I was good ....GOOD for me that is. Since I was purging my house...I felt it ironic that I was adding more things to the fold. SOOO I was selective. I LOVE The little will get a redo here fits perfectly next to my wicker chair in the bedroom. I adore old tablecloths...and around here they can be VERY spendy in the antique 3.00 made me shout with glee...(in my head that is) when I saw this one in such good shape. I got three of the same plates....25 cents...since they have some chips...But it adds character to this girls way of thinking. AND another old flower frog....because you can't just stop with one, or two, or three....and for 25 cents I am not gonna break the bank. AND I have found the most PERFECT BLUE you see her.....way up there......I don't have to do a thing to her....she is a perfect faded chippy blue....she is glorious in her chippiness.... 4.00 big smackaroos for that perfect blue. Then the last wee pic a wee aqua is a mini blue fan that matches my BIG blue fan.....3.00....a wee price for a wee fan. I think the heat is getting to me....because the heat is a wee bit high.....ok enough already. Well those were my finds.....I wanted to let you all know PLEASE oh please come back on Monday...I have a BIG to me announcement to make and would love to share it with you all! In honor of it....I will be doing a give-away will want to come back for it! This weekend we are off to go camping for a few I will be back on Monday! Have a wonderful Summer weekend all! XoXo, Cherry

Monday, July 20, 2009

New paper items for etsy

NOOO sorry this is not about the bedroom...what can i say? I have been having fun outside during the day at the river and at night I have paper and scissors in hand. I don't know how some of you chicks post just about every single day...I just don't have that much steam... we have a BIG trip coming up......planning for that and taking full advantage of the glorious sun. I had a garage sale this past weekend and made some money....another lady in the neighborhood had one as well. LOVE her sales.....she sells old stuff.....yummmy vintage goods. I will share the items I got from her tomorrow. Just wanted to share some photos of my recently added etsy goods. I just HEART paper...sniff sniff. Well I am off to grab the scissors again, after all it is very theraputic....xoxo,cherry

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Can a paint color enhance your sleep???


I certainly think it can! I have been sleeping quite peacefully since repainting. I thought I would pop in with some pics of the on going master you wouldn't think it was a figment of my imagination. With Summer in full swing...I have mostly been working on it at night....and than of course it is too dark to take pics...soooo today I snapped some of what has gotten done. I moved my hall mirror in was silver and I painted it white. I may glaze it.....not sure. As I said a before I moved our big --- Spanish armoire in here fits this space well. I still need to put several more coats on it and glaze it. I got the two major FAUX Roman shades done......luckily we have quite a bit of not in a hurry with the side lights. Today I got the wall of flowers done......will show more of it later. I ran out of light. I have been hanging pics and sorting thorough what stays and goes...(getting ready for a garage sale)... I have been collecting these old shoe polish brushes LOVE THEIR OLD PATINA YUMMMMMMY.......I came up with this idea to slide a pic into one. That is my grand mother Gardy when she was a wee one. Been enjoying all the little details you put into a room.....that is the fun part! OHHHHHh and as you can see CALVINI WHODINI.....HAS YET AGAIN MADE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE MY BED! Well there is your proof in the pudding.......hopefully I will share more over the weekend! I am off to watch "Confessions of a Shopalohic". XoXo, cherry