Monday, September 28, 2009

Something Wicked this way comes

Ok so I have always wanted to be able to use that title...but darn it so fitting for the banner I made. I have been wanting to make one that spells out WICKED..for sometime. Such a fun word for Halloween. I thought this would be a fun shape to I got my ruler out..a vintage one of course..and went to work figuring out the size etc. Banners can be any shape or size you wish...which is great if you have an idea for where you want to put it. This one I ended up just using heavy cardstock and doubled it up with dense scrapbook paper so it would not bend. I chose to stitch the top portion of each pendant. YEP you can stitch paper...and it is a lot of fun...adds that homespun look to a project. I suggest using a scrap piece of paper till you get use to it. I embellished each pendant with inks and added crepe paper rosettes....I did several layers for a full look. For me there is no science to a rosette...I just start folding with my fingers...and every couple of folds I use a stapler to keep it together. Than to cover the area where they come together I used my handy dandy circle puncher and glued it on top. I love rosettes and once your fingers become nimble they are easy to do..just a bit time consuming. I decided to use glittered letters...which you can find readily just about anywhere now. I strung tea-stained twill ribbon through to hang. I love to embellish a little extra with buttons and pearls....the sky is the limit. I have had several folks email about my I thought I would do a quick tutorial here. I love doing banners...they are such a fun way to personalize your home. I hope someone who has never tried it a go! You will feel like a kid again...with your construction paper, glue, and scissors. NO teachers looking over your shoulders go ahead and do it your way!
There are a few new goodies over in my store. Hope everything finds all of you well this Monday afternoon. Off to watch tv. with the kid. XOXO, Cherry

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A few great pumpkins...BUT no Charlie Brown

I am doing things simple this year....I have added some faux pumpkins here and there....and have a few areas I am setting up a few Halloween decorations..and that is going to be it. I thought I would share my FALL primping in the entry area. Nothing fancy by any means...but enough to let you know FALL is making her debut. I was trying to warm up the space a bit today. If I have time and don't have a lot of distractions..I love to tweak and play around with vignettes..but if I have interuptions...such as 3 boys, a dog, a cat, and a husband who is out of can be hard. I just got done making them I think they are good for now. Cookies make everything "all good".
The next couple of days I will be adding the last of my Halloween goodies to my etsy store...and that will be it for this year. The first few things you see above will be making their way over to the store in a few. I made a sweet nostalgic ornament set...I like to hang them from any little nook or cranny. I also made another bingo card..they are so fun to make and another mini bingo banner. So hope all is well with you all this Saturday night. I am going to go watch Turner home classics and do some crafting...if the boys, the dog, and the cat will let me. xoxo, Cherry
EDITED TO ADD: I joined up with Ms. Kim's Project Monday! Go over and take a look at some gorgeous redos, crafts, and awesome projects!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some Halloween Bingo cards and such

I have made a few more Bingo cards that I thought I would share. I also was in the card making mood and made one Halloween one and one everyday. It really relaxes me to make cards....theraputic I guess. This is the official day for Autumn...which blows me away....I do not know where Summer is...I looked all over and can not find her...sigh. Till next year my love....I am a sunshine girl. At least Fall is fun to decorate for...speaking of which ...I am getting ready to put mine out...I got a sweet package in the mail the other day from one talented lady...and her Halloween goody she sent...which I now have named Tabitha, has indeed put me in the decorate! Hope to share my decor and a Halloween wreath I made tomorrow. Till than...xoxo, cherry

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bulletin board and lamp project

Catchy little title ey? Sorry. No brilliant title ..but a fun little project or two today! You saw the before of the frame I got...well here is the after of it. Turned out nicely...although I DO NOT like the rolled cork that I used. Way to thin and brittle. But I did not want to piece the cork squares together. NOW I should say now...I am not to be held responsible for the dark icky pics....this craft room of mine is a cave. I splurged and got a waist high project table ...which is what everything is sitting on. I will share that more later.....I painted the top white to match the rest of the room...and plan to put a skirt on the lower half. It gives me a lot more space to work, which I sorely need. The other project is the lamp...I found some polka dot fabric second hand and covered it with that. I also am in the process this evening of making my own push pins...just hot gluing vintage buttons to the metal type tacks. Things are coming along in here.....we'll have to see what i share next...with my decorating ADD......who knows. OHHHHH notice my new blog header.....done by Shabby Creations....Michelle does an outstanding job! She got me out of my pickle....except for losing my fave blog addies and my site meter...never should have tried on my own....rofl..what a joke! Well that is it for me tonight. xoxo,c herry
EDITED: Heyyy I joined up over at Kim's for her Monday Project day...go on over and visit some of the gals! Some great creativity over there.