Monday, November 11, 2019

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

 Soooooo Hello?  Knock, knock any one there?  
          I kinda lost my other blog, at least for now till I can figure out how to start another.  So I came back here..because I have lots to share! 
                                               I have had so much fun being creative again. 

                              This pocket is just the tip of the ice burg. I call it my stair step pocket.

 I have filled it to the brim with fun tags and gift card enclosures including a cute shaker tag.

 Cute handmade sewn paper fringe, and handmade flowers.

This pocket is removable.

I love these colors...and that wooden retro Santa just has my heart!


 I am addicted to shakers this year!

 I have covered the back with a fun green plaid.

 Here is it in completion.

If you see this..let me know!!!  

You can find it at my ETSY store

Tuesday, January 8, 2019



 Hello my friends......I have taken the plunge and moved over to Word Press.  Please come visit me there from here on out.  This site will be closing down.   My new domain is..... 

See ya there!!!  I will be sharing crafts, paper art, decorating, diy, thrifting finds, baking, and the one I am most excited about...our new adventure of building our dream farm house!!!

 You can also come follow me on Instagram @cherrysjubileehome