Thursday, January 23, 2014

For You...


Hi there I have a little card creation made for RRR.   I used lipstick red and lace blue  seam bindings.  I decided to use ribbons on both side of my main focal point for fun.   I softened the bottom with a bit of Samantha white crochet lace along with a new stamp from Pink Persimmon.   I filled in my button card with buttons and sweet heart blossoms.   love the cottage colors and patterns to this.  Hope you enjoy!  cherry

Friday, January 17, 2014

Will you be my Valentine

Happy Friday friends!   I wanted too share the new kit from Cupcards to Go called Admirer.   I do HAVE A LOT of admiration for this is full of fun goodies.  Perfect for valentines and just for anything lovey dovey!   I made 8 cards and could have made more if I had had more time (darn basketball gets in the way) Make sure to go check the kit out and visit all the inspiration in the gallery.  


   Also wanted to share some sweet heart wands/valentine goodies I have been making ...I can NOT stop making these.   I will sorely miss Valentines when it goes.  I love the colors, images, old fashion feel of it all!    I used lots and lots of trims from RRR .    RRR is having their 4 year blog anniversary too so go on over and check out the prizes you could possibly win.    I have bee filling shop up with lots of these goodies so pay a visit if you have time!  Cherry's Jubilee etsy

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

RRR valentine challenge

Time for our mid month challenge over at RRR.  Time to get out those yummy pinks and reds and go to town creating a Valentine project ...with ribbon of course!   I made a couple of LOVE owls with varying picks, wands, but my fave thing is just to stick them in my vintage flower frog.  They make adorable d├ęcor....but these also do double duty as candy bags.......I adhered little bitty bags to the back side.....stuff with Hershey kisses and they are good to go!   I used baby pink seam binding along with some peppermint twine for my ribbons.   I topped my bows off with sweetheart blossoms  in red and pink.    These are so fun to make...I may need to do more.  They start to develop their own personalities.   Will have to do a birthday owl soon.   Hope you enjoy!   hugs and happy Wednesday!  Cherry

Monday, January 13, 2014

RRR Ribbon club chalkboard heart mini album



Hello.....sigh.    Another Monday has come along....and I am still behind with life.   Back to back basketball games, working out, weather, fighting a name it and I feel pulled in many directions.   This all being said...I am not done with this project made for RRR.   It looks to be about done but I have many little details I wanted to add.  I have been working on this for several weeks and it will get done! 
                                 Now you should have made your way here from Heather's blog, but at any time if you get lost just start back at RRR, link above.  This was made using the new month's ribbons from our ribbon club.  I used just about every one of them....I LOVED the colors.  I had a ball tying them all on the ring clips.  I have shown you a picture tutorial of my process in making this, so here goes!
                                          I started out with my love album of course and painted the love word page first and set it aside.  From there I traced onto my pattern papers and cut them out and adhered to each chipboard page.  I covered both sides.  From there sand your edges to get them flush and ink them for aging.  I decided to also add some cute little pockets to this album to tuck memorabilia into .  I used both Polka dot big bitty bags and the little bitty bags.  The large ones I folded in half and stitched up the sides and than trimmed the tops using pinking shears.  I than stacked everything I wanted to add together and staggered my index cards so you can see each one peeking out when everything is laying together. 
                      From here start adding your ribbons to the ring clips....I don't pay much attention to lengths.  I just eye it all and cut away.  I added a little valentine ticket as well using twine.   From here pour your little heart out by adding all the fun details!  This is where an album like this really becomes unique and one of a kind.   For is all in the details.  Images, index cards, hearts, mini clips, and lots and lots of buttons.   I was careful though to leave some areas to add snapshots...of course!  The top black heart YOU SEE is an actual CHALKBOARD you can write on with chalk.   I thought it was a sweet addition!   I will share more pics when done!   Hope you have enjoyed!  Happy hoppin!  Next stop..........Bonnie's blog!     hugs, cherry