Tuesday, August 23, 2011


YES AN early little booo to you!  Now I have read around blog land how many are ready for cooler weather...ready for fall.  Suprisingly NOT me.  Yes I am sharing Halloween goodies....but still enjoying sunshine.  It is still fun to play with the vintagey fun Haloween goodies...bring out the glitter, crepe papers, and go crazy.  Thought I would share a few of the things I made today.  I swear I have glitter embedded in my skin.  I know I have it in my eyelashes because i see tracers in the corner of my eyes...sigh.   Anyways...I hope you enjoy!  I am counting down the days till we leave to visit Mickey..only a few more!   Sooo excited...cherry

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday follies

                  Hi...it's me again!  Poppin in on a summer saturday night to share a few goodies.  The first up is my two cats....in the bathroom..hard at work.  I try and try to get them to do their fair share around here. Maybe clean the sinks or something..but it is a no go.  I caught them here lounging in the sun like two big African lions.  They are about good for nuttin but lookin cute.  ahhhhh well what ya gonna do? 
                     I got so happy yesterday because I found these older JB bingo cards NEVER used...and had fun playin with one of them..along with a piece of old ledger paper I had.  The baby card was a custom card for someone who wanted something lux with no pink.  Hope they likey!  I like the warm lineny colors of it with the lace.  The image itself is a Crafty Secrets one as is the next card with the birdies, from their love mail scraps.  I got the new to me picket fence die cut from Papertreyink and had fun with it.   The last piece is also Crafty secrets....I had so much fun dressin up the little pinafore.  Almost like when I was a little girl with my dolly.  Well that is it for me.  We had a fun full day of hitten Waldo Lake..one of the cleanest and clearest lakes in the world...beautiful...than it was on for old fashion ice cream sodas...and than Mexican food.  Kinda backwards with the dinner and dessert...but o well....life is too short.   Hope all is well with you, cherry

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I am back..

Hellllllllllllllo!  We are back from our little trip.  Travels were made to Boise (archives and Cracker Barrel, Yum!), Wallowa Lake and the tram, and my fave Leavenworth Washington.  It is a quaint Bavarian village...complete with some beautiful mountains NOT unlike the alps.  We stayed in the sweetest lodge....the flowers were beautiful in front of all the buildings....overflowing.  We took in the shops and ate Bavarian cream puffs and bratwurst.   Soo happy to be home now though.....I dug into my new goodies from Archives and created away.  Here are a few of my creations.  Can't wait to create more.  Getting away made me miss my card making.  I will be popping in here over the next week and a half...and than my son and I will make our annual pilcrimage to main street to see Mickey Mouse!  Look forward to sharing more with you....I will be guesting for one of my fave companies in September so stay tuned.  hugs, cherry

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I love me a plaque

   Plaque, signs, if they are alterable I love them.   Sooo fun to play with.   I have three here for you today....I broke down and finally used this gorgeous metal tin sign of a butterfly from GCD Studios.  Added some prima flowers and buttons and some handmade stick pins.   love the colors.    The next one is more shabby, I didn't want to part with this vintage cameo brooch but the rose called for it.  I love to gather lace and let it look a bit frumpled ...adds such texture.   The last one is a Halloween plaque....I am def. thinking of the fun goodies sitting in my drawer ...a few have been taken out waiting to be used.   It isn't that far away.   I used crackle on the pocket watch from Helmar's.   Awww well that is it for me.   Enjoy the sunshine!  cherry

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sweetie pie..

                       Sweetie pie one of my fave stamp expressions.....short, sweet, and to the point.   I have  few items to share with you tonight.   All fun and tattered and a bit whimsical.   Nothing made because I had to..just because I wanted too.   I love to fussy cut things....just using paper and scissors.  Kinda stress relieving.  Been doing quite a bit of it lately....and glittering again....and and using my little wooden houses that I love so.   Doing the same ole same..that I never tire of!  I wanted to add that I am having a sale in my etsy store using the sale code beach.     Well that is it for me tonight.  I may get one more posting in before we leave on vacation.  Thank you to all that visit!   hugs,c herry