Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back again

     Back again and def...seeing a theme here.   Trying so hard to harken Spring.  All my cards have that season down pat.  Today was warmer...I did not get cold while throwing the ball for Riley which was much appreciated.  The snow patches are diminishing and getting much smaller.  There is hope.  I had some "me" time this one here but me and the cats...oh and of course Riley.  I had the radio on and I was beebopping around my craft room.  It was nice.  Shhh yes I do dance a bit when home alone.  Don't tell anyone.   That is it for me this evening.  I have a book calling me....and my bed.  Hope you enjoy...I so appreciate your visits.  I will be back on the 1st to share my Cupcards creations with you. No more sneakies.    hugs, cherry


Ros said...

Ah such beauties ... I love how you do the ribbons with all the added extras

cnelson said...


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

It's always joyful to stop by here. Such lovely creations.
And as for the dancing...I think we're all guilty of dancing when we're home alone. It's good for the soul. : )

Joy Hall said...

Wow! Such beautiful creations!