Saturday, January 9, 2016

Key to my heart

                      The weekend is almost is almost Sunday.  They always go too quick for my liking.  Loving all things gold, red, glittery, shiny, and that screams Valentines Day!  I used seam binding from RRR.  My goodies and room are so much more organized.  I can see almost everything and hope to actually use it.  I have to see my stuff to use it....out of site out of  mind.  So I have been sorting my ribbons by colors and putting them all in separate vintage jars etc.  So far that is working.  Than with my paper scraps I have file folders I stitched up the sides and organize them by colors, themes-cottage , shabby, vintage, nuetrals etc.  Now to get my stamps/pads organized....any advice?  well that is going to be it for me.....gonna go snuggle into bed on this cold winter night!  hugs, cherry


Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

As usual, I LOVE your creations! Hope you are doing well down south... I've moved to Madras to get out of the snow! Would love to see pics of your craft space and how you are putting out your embellishments. I have that problem too... no see... no use. I still haven't figured a way. With the new move, my craft space is smaller and no room for shelves by where I'm working... so I need to figure out something. And ribbon.. that's my dilemma now also. I think running a length of rod and putting your ribbon on it is best, but I don't have anywhere to run a rod so I keep a few spools on a shelf above where I work.. but I'm always wanting one of the colors that I have stored in a box! And all my little boxes of embellies.... still nowhere to put them. I would like two LONG shelves right in front of me, about 6 feet long each, about 4 inches wide, to put all of my little boxes of embellies. I think that would work. As for the ribbon.. not sure yet. Enjoy your Sunday. It's balmy here in Madras at a nice 42 degrees! Marilyn

Melissa said...

Your projects are always so beautifully done and inspiring! I love that cute dog. Is he from your stash or is he something I could purchase such as a digital file? Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!
Melissa B.

SewPaperPaint said...

These are absolutely stunning! Such a feast for the eyes!

Roosterhead Designs said...

Oh my word Cherry these Valentine cards are gorgeous!! (I love 'rounded' bows too : )
Thanks for sharing your beautiful work w/us! I have been organizing my scrap room too. For my ink pads, I used my labeler (to print the name of the color,)and affixed the label along the (outside) side of the ink pad. so now I can tell at a glace what colors are in the 'stack.' Have a great week! ~Karen