Thursday, June 23, 2016

For all the girls card Cherry Nelson

IT is a late, late, late Summer  night....and I am the only one up!  Perfect time for me to catch up on so many things that need checking off my list!  I have been excited for awhile now to share one of my new kits I created for  Photographs and Memories.

Perfectly named "For all the girls"

Think back to your school days....simpler times....times spent frolicking with your gal pals.  I remember leaving in the morning and not coming back till dark.  We lived out in the country and we had such adventures.  Memories I would not trade for anything!  These are girls and ladies that harken back generations.  Some of the sweetest images are included in this kit.  I was so keen on getting the right color combinations that would truly compliment the images.  They just make me smile!   I think they will make you smile can buy one for yourself here For all the Girls card kit.


Vicki S said...

Lovely suite of cards, Cherry! I really like them.

Vicki S said...

Lovely suite of cards.