Monday, July 21, 2008

On a Summer's Eve....

I must be coming down with something.....3 posts in less than a 7 day span. Regardless of I am. I know you have all seen fruits before but tonight they just hit me as being so colorful and down right pretty in a simple way. Cleaning/washing them and setting them out in old bowls inspired me. They sit on my newly painted island. I went black with it. It originally came white..and I had it that way for some time. I just wanted something new and here it is. I have been waxing it to dull the finish & have been quite happy with it. My rooster has no objections to it. The burning candle is a Tyler and they I SWEAR (no cussing) are the best for aroma....throughout my house. Little on the spendy side but last a long time. This one is pear. I had to share my Delphinium in my new/old milk bottle...they are doing great this year. I found this clock in black yesterday and HAD to have it. I love its vintage look! Last but not least...I ordered this bag from firefly Farms...she does beautiful sewing!She also has her own blog full of home inspiration...go check her out! She sells other items as well. Well that is enough for now.....I made a blackberry cobbler and it is calling my is my family! xoxo, cherry


carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

Love your photos! They are very simple and sweet. I also love your island painted black. It looks nice and the clock is a nice touch too.
Have a blessed day!

Sarah said...

Thanks for stopping by yesterday. I love your pictures. It's amazing how the small things in life--fruit in a bowl, dogs, a new clock...can bring us joy and happiness!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

I found you by way of joy, and have enjoyed reading and seeing all of your goodies. I will definitely be back. I know what you mean about the fruit and vegetables. My post yesterday was very similar.

Marie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad you did- I love your blog. Your pictures are so pretty! I'm adding you to my reader. :o)

Shannon said...

LOVE your black island!! Also, those Tyler candles are the best! My in laws love the Limelight scent. THey swear by it. I'm more of a food smell girl. :)

PS I have that clock in white. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Cherry! I was so happy to see you stop by today!! I LOVE your kitchen! The black island looks wonderful! I agree with you about fruit! It is beautiful and a wonderful accent. I love using natural things like that to decorate. I love picking wildflowers and using those too. They are pretty and free!!


Kim @ Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

I love your island in black. I have a fondness for black items. I also really like your black sweet!

Michelle said...

Hi Cherry,

What great projects ~ you've been really busy!! Summer is flying by too fast.


Dena said...

What beautiful pictures and that rooster is too cute!!!


TinaTx said...

Stopped by to say thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods! Love the pics. Is that Tyler candle a 'Tyler Candle Company' as in Tyler, Texas? That would be in my 'neck of the woods'.
Love, love, love that rooster!
I'm planning on painting my sewing basket white and I bought some green fabric to make a liner for it.
Thanks again for stopping by!

Lisa & Alfie said...

Hi Cherry,
If you go to this post, you'll see my black and "cream" bedroom that I am working on.
I love the freshness of the contrast and you have a done just a beautiful job with your vignettes! I particularly like the decal on the plate. Is it waterproof?
Thanks for finding me. I'll be adding you to my bloglist as well!
Lisa & Alfie