Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sweetie Pie....


                  Boy I tell is so lonely in here my voice echos!  Is there anyone home?  Stopping by to share some projects I made today.  I have to fit them in when I can between working on my shop, running man boy to practice, and going to back to back basketball games.  Ohhhh and housework.  I do do that on occasion.  Only when necessary. 
                  I created an adorable candy basket and ornament/tag....perfect for this coming holiday.  I also got a card made today.  Very eclectic..and I am loving the colors.  Reds, dark pink, and light pinks. 
                   Also wanted to share that I am officially on the Canvas Corp Design team.
So excited to be apart of their brand of products!  I am also going to be creating card kits again for Photographs and Memories.   
                  Well blogger is giving me fits.   I give up!   Thanks for visiting!  Cherry


Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Cherry, these are sooooooo precious! I especially love the little doggie Valentine. The way you use ribbon is a marvel! Gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Hi, I look forward to your creations every day! Will try to remember to shout out to ya! I honestly can't figure out how to make any configuration of the puffy bows you make. How do you make an interesting bow? Love the cat and dog photos too. Thanks for sharing every day. LOVE LOVE it. You are my favorite.

Unknown said...

Hope this isn't a duplicate comment. I love your cards. I look forward to your creations everyday! How do you make those bows! I have tried to make mine like yours but can't figure it out. Mine just lay flat. Love the dog and cat photos as well. Thanks for sharing!

Roosterhead Designs said...

Oh my goodness Cherry, your work is beautiful!!
(just look @ that sweet pink safety pin!) All of your
details are amazing. I love to visit and see all this
creativity! Hoping it will rub off a bit on me : J ha ha.
Thanks so much for sharing and congrats! on Canvas Corp!
I will visit the card kit site you linked too also!
Am interested for sure~ Have a great weekend ahead! ~Karen O

Dreaming of Vintage said...

Wow! Beautiful creations! Swoon......

Patty O'Malley said...

Wonderful projects, Cherry! Congratulations on your new ventures.