Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A child's first sewing project

Hello peeps.....got a fun Petaloo project for ya!  This month we focused on things you can do with your Children this Summer.  I thought why not a sewing project?  A simple starter to break them in with the sewing skills.  I created a little pincushion to put my vintage hat pins on.

Start off with cutting some corresponding fabrics 6 x 6, making room for a seam allowance.   Face right sides together and pin.

 Sew all the way around the edges but leave a small opening for filling the pincushion with fiberfill.  Turn the right side out and fill it and than give it a simple whip stitch to close the hole. 

  Add some fun ribbons and start adding your Petaloo blooms

Here is it all done!  Kinda cute, huh?  Oh so vintage...and oh so simple!  :)

Thanks for visiting me!  hugs, Cherry


Patty O'Malley said...

Love your pin cushion, Cherry! It is darling!

Michele Kovack said...

So perfectly shabby chic!!!