Saturday, July 2, 2016

Kids projects with Petaloo!

Hello folks, Cherry here today with a pinwheel tutorial!  The design team was challenged to come up with some projects that we could do with the kids.  My "kid" just graduated and he is a boy, so I thought I would take on some more girly projects that would be fun to do.  I have a quick tutorial to share in case you would like to make some with "the littles" this Summer.  First grab your flowers and fun papers and let's play!

2016-06-26 017
Next mark your papers 4 inch x 4 inch and cut using your paper cutter.
2016-06-26 018
Remember it is important to like both sides of each will see both patterns. 
I usually like to come up with my own double pattern papers so I cut two pieces for each pinwheel and adhere together. 

2016-06-26 019
I use mini clothespins to make sure they adhere together well. 

2016-06-26 020
Next just simply cut each corner with scissors in about 2 inches....I never measure. I just wing it!
2016-06-26 021
From here just fold over every other corner.  You will start to see the pinwheel shape. 

2016-06-26 022
Here they are....pretty cute huh?
2016-06-26 023

To secure them I use a diecut circle and adhere down and I also back them with one to make them more sturdy. 

2016-06-26 024

2016-06-26 025

Now it if time to have fun layering them up!  Kids can really have fun adding all kinds of goodies.....paper scraps, ribbons, buttons, and of course flowers! 

2016-06-26 026
I added ribbons, layers, and mini clothespins that were topped off with the perfect butterflies and the sweet petites!

2016-06-26 027

2016-06-26 054
Don't forget to add a dowel or straw to the back!! 

2016-06-26 028
2016-06-26 055

2016-06-26 048

2016-06-26 049

2016-06-26 050

Here they are done!!!!   So much fun...and guaranteed to occupy the kiddos least for a little while!   Thanks for visiting, Cherry

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Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

These are just darling! Thanks for the tutorial.... I love pinwheels and of course, you've decorated them up so cute that I want to go make one right now! I need to get some seam binding ribbon. It really "makes" any project look that much better for some reason!