Sunday, July 3, 2016

kids project with Petaloo

ey there!  Cherry here today to share another fun kid's project.  Dare I say a very feminine girly project. Darling little vintage style button cards using all the gorgeous Petaloo blooms.  Yipppppeeee!   I so hope I have a granddaughter some day so I can do these types of projects with her!  These especially remind me of my mama...she loved to sew, so these are very special to me!
                        So first off...lets grab oooodles of our Petaloo blooms, cardstock, ink, and some stamps.  Lots of ribbons always have to have ribbons. 
ribbons and flowers are like PP and can't have one with out the other.  I cut my card stock into different fun shapes.  I even used my teeny tiny diecut that makes the button cards look more legit with a hole at the top to hang. 

2016-06-26 029
Grab some fun stamps and just have fun with this part....creating the way you want your "vintage button cards" to look! 
2016-06-26 031
From here ....I am like a kid in a candy store but with flowers.....these are what make these little button cards come alive. 
2016-06-26 034

Look how gorgeous the Botanica collection looks.....they look  old fashion to me  like they are old milinary flowers pulled from an old hat.

2016-06-26 036

So hope you like.....thanks for visiting!

Petaloo supplies used:
SKU: 1101-101 Botanica Petite’s x 11 - Soft Pink
-SKU: 1102-101 Botanica Blooms x 4 - Soft Pink
SKU: 1101-108 Botanica Petite’s x 11 - Pistachio
SKU: 1110-161 Velvet Pansies x 15 - Mauve


Unknown said...

Wow! I really enjoy following your blog! I always thought you had an endless supply of vintage button cards, but it looks here like you stamp them up yourself??!! Please share your source for the awesome stamps if you should be so kind!?? Thanks! Vicki in Colorado

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful tags! I'm with Vicki in Colorado...Would love to know the details about the cards. Thank you for sharing. Crafting hugs ~ Donna Lizbeth =)

Debbie Johnson said...

You are so talented!! Love everything you do.